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being catholic around non-cath. I get alot of questions,.what do i doo.


Ask away :slight_smile: what’s the problem?


Study your Faith using everything avaliable to you…and “Always be ready to give an explanation to anyone who asks you for a reason for your hope.”

Read the Bible, The Catechism, and check into the document libraries both on this site and over at EWTN.


[quote=dentremont]being catholic around non-cath. I get alot of questions,.what do i doo.

Answer them. If you don’t know the answer then either look it up in the catechism or ask your pastor.


Ok, If you don’t know the answer to a question, tell them you don’t know but if they really want an answer you will look into it.

Go to Catholic Publisher websites and request catalogues for books and tapes. When you see something you want to read, go to public library and interlibrary loan it. A library will consider purchasing catholic books if they are requested often enough by readers that they view as being intelligent.

Also, post your question on catholic apologetic sites like this. People are willing to help.



contemplationcornerpress.com has a great apologetics handbook for HS and college students to answer questions of friends and classmates. Rock: It’s a Catholic Thing.


This site right here. :thumbsup: Search the library it usually has the answers for your non-catholic friends. :gopray:


Don’t be afraid to say that you don’t alway know the answer. Be charitable and tell them you’ll look it up and get back to them.

Try scripturecatholic.com/ for a lot of the “That’s not in the Bible” type of questions.

And have fun with it. The more they ask, the more you’ll be forced to learn. And maybe they’ll learn something along the way too.


here’s another source:


Sometimes a non-Catholic will ask a question just to hear himself talk. Sadly, only a few are genuinely curious. At any rate, learn your faith, then speak the Truth to all who will listen!! :thumbsup:


Tell them that Catholics believe in everything in the Bible except, our Bible has the books that were removed in the 15th century, and our many theologians come up with one interpretation for scriptures instead of letting each minister or member come up with their own.

Plus instead of relying solely on scriptures, (which itself is unBiblical) Catholics also abide by scriptures AND sacred traditions (which is Biblical).


Many people like to listen to the radio…link them up to Catholic radio where many of their answers will be surely be given to them.
relevantradio.com they can listen to streaming live on the computer too if you do not have Catholic radio in your community. I think it’s a great evangelizing tool.

One trick that always works for me is really no trick at all. Before I answer them, I send a silent prayer up immediately to God and the Holy Spirit to put the right answers in my mouth…and to my surprise the right words come out. Not just some times…all the time. It’s always a miracle to me that God can work through someone lowly like myself to help bring others to him.
He has no feet, no hands, no mouth but ours…Let His will be done on earth! Pray with all things without ceasing! God bless you. This is truly a ministry for you.


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