H0w to achieve holiness

How does one strive to become a saint?

Let’s sit back, have a beer, and ponder this… :beers:


Well, the first step is to decide to become a saint.

So, take a second and tell yourself and perhaps declare to God, “I want to be a saint.”

I of course got this from a saint.

The next step is probably the easiest to see:
live a good Catholic life, frequenting the Sacraments. Want to avoid offending God, want to die before offending Him. Observe feast days.

Most important virtue to accrue is humility. Then you can grow the other virtues without pride. Realize that all these good things, indeed all Good, comes from God. By your own way, you would surely have been lost easily.


Have you read the Pope’s latest apostolic exhortation? It gives much to ponder.

Gets to heaven…

Becomes a Saint.


Requests a little creatures pale ale from the barman

Is this one we can tick solved on.

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Get True Devotion to Mary by St. Louis de Monfort or Secret of Mary; these books are GOLD. Mary is the easiest, fastest, and most secure way of becoming a saint. All saints have 2 things in common: Eucharist and Marian devotion. Go to daily mass if you can and receive Communion devoutly and Fr. Ripperger, FSSP recommends spending 10-15 minutes in thanksgiving after (you merit more grace in your prayers). For Marian devotion, pray the Rosary every day (at least 5 decades but 15 decades if possible)!


Also, make frequent visits to the Blessed Sacrament (St. John Bosco said you will become a saint if you do this). 15 minutes a day would be good and at least an hour a week.


Lots of prayer. Do not ever go a day without praying. In fact, do not ever go an hour (barring sleeping) without praying. Prayer makes saints, and not a single saint has ever been made a saint without prayer. Prayer is our direct connection with God. The prayer does not have to be long and intricate; it can be a simple one-liner. “Lord, give me the grace to deal with the struggles of everyday life.” All that matters is that it’s sincere.

Don’t just pray before bed or before meals. Pray while you work, pray while you’re sitting next to some annoyingly noisy person, pray as you desire to smack somebody upside the head. Pray without ceasing, because you will not become a saint without that direct connection with God.

Of course, you cannot forget the ever-important decision. In order to become a saint, you have to desire to become a saint. You will not become a saint if you do not first desire to become one. Store up treasures in heaven, for where your treasures are, there your heart is also.

And not only do you have to want it, you have to make the decision to strive for it. It’s so easy to fall in love with the idea of becoming a saint; it takes no effort to love an idea. To live an idea, however, is a much different story. It will take effort, and you will struggle along the way. Do not think that becoming a saint is going to be a cakewalk; you’ll be sorely disappointed. There is a reason Jesus compares the genuine Christian life to carrying a cross.


What is the best way to eat an elephant??? One bite at a time.

I think becoming a Saint is similar.


I second this.

Why would one want to do such a thing? Do we enter into God’s plan for our lives by our own striving?

Saint Alphonsus said that you will gain more profit from 15 minutes visiting Christ in the Sacrament then a whole days worth of spiritual exercises.

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You became discobot!

That’s a bit nit picky on the words.

A capital idea!

Mental prayer is very important. Mortification is a must especially since self-love is a big obstacle to perfect sanctity. Also I heard that it is good to give thanks for receiving the Sacrament (and ask fir graces too) for (at least)15 minutes after Mass since that is how long the physical presence of the Eucharist lasts.


I think St. Alphonsus said at least a half hour before the Blessed Sacrament, but I could be wrong.

Either way…Daily time in front of the Blessed Sacrament is a very good practice.


Why wouldn’t one want to become a saint? Don’t confuse the title with the condition. To me, to become a Saint would be to come to God as humanly possible and be in as full communion with the Lord…as humanly possible. Cause and effect: Love the Lord and ‘become.’


Repentance. Surrender to the Holy Spirit. Internal and external change. Allow Jesus to be the center of your life, to be the number one, and to submit yourself under His Lordship. Live the life being led by the Holy Spirit.

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I am reading the book and trying to follow it. Have been constantly advised to stay close to Our Lady and am trying to follow the advice . Thanks and God Bless

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