H1N1 and NFP


Hi all,

With flu season rapidly approaching, I find I’m in a bit of a conumdrum. My fertility recently returned (currently BF), and we’re starting to think about the next baby. But I’m concerned about H1N1 this flu season. Most media reports indicate that the risk of complications in pregnant woman is higher.


Is anyone else a little nervous about getting pregnant right now until we know how this H1N1 thing is going to shape up? I have the added complication that my kids don’t get vaccinated (including flu) due to adverse reactions (I have a special-needs child with neurological problems).



Go to this site for latest and most trust worthy information. It is usually updated weekly and more often when warranted.


And one of the biggest problems with this flu is that no one is immune. That means that more people will get getting sick and having to call in sick which will cripple businesses. I work in a pediatric hospital and we are already over run with patients in the ER. We have had to go to our overload plan where administration folks have to put their RN or MD hat back on and go into the trenches.


I hear you, OP. I bumped into the pregnancy information in a collection of links for nursing mamas, and oh, my! I’m glad I’m not pregnant and won’t be anytime soon! Scary stuff. My kids are only partially vaccinated because of an adverse reaction, so all this stuff is way up on my radar.


I’m in a similar situation and it has definitely made me nervous! We want to have a little one soon so that ours are close together (God willing) but watching the news each morning is scary! I’ve been stocking up on hand sanitizer and soaps and am sending the husband to work with a little foam sanitizer. Every news piece I see seems to say “don’t panic but…” followed by frightening projected statistics.


I’ll add just for fun that I am currently infected with what sure looks like h1n1 (no dr visit on a holiday weekend!) and I am quarantined away from my children for FIVE DAYS. I am coming up for air now, not feeling so awful, but for a couple days there I felt like I had been hit by a truck.

Being away from my kids is awful.


I’ve never had a flu shot that I can remember, and I’ve never given G one. :shrug:

I am pregnant right now, but I’m not scared. Maybe it’s b/c I don’t have cable and watch the news :wink: But. There are a lot of things in life I can’t ultimately control. We do what we can to avoid sickness in general…wash our hands, eat healthy foods, drink lots of water, get lots of rest, bump up our Vit C intake, avoid really sickly people/places as best we can (including birthing at home :p) After that, there’s not much else I can do.

If it’s really something that is going to mess with you emotionally to be pregnant right now, then maybe it would be a reason for you to avoid pregnancy…I don’t know…I’m not you :slight_smile: I think with all things pregnancy related, our first task is to stay close to God and discern what he is asking of us and our family size.


I can’t understand this reliance on flu shots. How are your immune systems ever going to get stronger if you don’t get sick a time or two?

I certainly wouldn’t trust a brand new vaccine anyway. But that’s just me!:shrug:


See that is kind of where I stand on this issue. For those of you who are not currently pregnant and want to TTC soon perhaps you should consider allowing yourself to get the flu and then when you do get pregnant and baby comes you will have the antibodies to give to baby both before birth and through your breast milk!

I keep telling people that the biggest concern is the one that noclevername pointed out - if we all come down with this virus at the same time it will cripple our economy more so to speak. That concerns me more than anything else, that maybe the medical community will be sick at the same time as those few who will get very sick or have complications are ill and there won’t be anyone to care for them.

Brenda V.


DH and I are no longer TTA while waiting for my fertility to return. I’m not too concerned about getting pregnant with H1N1 around. I will probably get the vaccine if we haven’t conceived by the time it’s available. But I do think H1N1 is sort of overhyped by folks wanting to sell papers and I’m not going to waste time worrying. I plan to take normal precautions and wash my hands a lot but other than that I’m just not going to panic.


I was pregnant already when this whole H1N1-mass media circus started. What should I think about it? Risk groups are particularly those who are pregnant and children under 3years old or something… Well, what to do now: get scared and start to panic??? :frighten: I am afraid I can’t afford that :blush:


I agree with Brenda. It’s not that this is the back plague, it’s just that it can cripple infrastructure and overwhelm hospitals.

I felt something coming on as early as Monday. Thursday morning I had sinus congestion. Thursday afternoon I felt hit by a truck and I am still feeling awful, with waves of up and down. I will be out of isolation Tuesday afternoon, but can expect to feel sick and cough for a couple weeks after. I haven’t needed medical care beyond a couple sudafed on Thursday so I could breathe. And I’m a SAHM, so my kids just stayed with their dad elsewhere.

It’s not that big a deal on a personal level, though I don’t think I’ve ever been out of commission this long. It’s the community that will be in trouble.

It has been established by a case in China, that this isn’t only spread by coughs and sneezes. Just being within conversational distance of a sick person is enough, as it spreads even in the tiniest droplets while talking. So if you’re pregnant, that whole social-distancing thing would be a smart addition to the hand washing.


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