Habemus Papam!

Habemus Papam!


Deo gratias!

In Christo,
Frater Attempto

Il Papa!

May The Lord bless and guide Pope Francis (no Roman numeral). Daily prayers to the Holy Spirit for our Holy Father and the absolutely mammoth task he has on his plate at a troubled time in The Church.

I like our new Pope. i like his humbleness. i liked the way that he asked for Prayers for Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, then he asked for prayers for him. Just a humble guy. I hope the world, especially us Catholics can see that.

I took to his whole first address particularly his mention and prayers for Pope Benedict who also broke with tradition in retiring- and Pope Francis has a lovely warm smile.
Taking the name of Francis and without any Latin numeral after it, is a break with tradition as is our first non European Pope in 1000 years and a Jesuit. His motto is “pittiable but chosen”. And my prayer is that he will bring to his pontificate and to the administration of the whole Church, from Cardinals to priests and religious, all leadership - as well as to the Universal Church the qualities and marks of St Francis of Assisi: poverty, humility, simplicity and rebuilding of The Church.
Pope Francis is a conservative theologically which may disappoint the liberals in The Church. But certainly in the time of Jesus and most years following, The Church and Catholics have been counter cultural to the world and its values. The Gospel, the whole of Scripture, is God’s Call to live if necessary quite counter culturally. Certainly Jesus did.

Pope Francis has only one lung since his twenties I think it was - and is in his seventies (76 I think), but reports to date are that he is in excellent health - but the tasks ahead of him at a troubled time in The Church will doubtless age and try his helath and strength perhaps severely. He had been Archbishop of Beunos Aires I think it was in Latin America - refused to live in the Archbishop’s palace and opted for a small apartment and cooked his own meals. He often travelled by bus. He was loved by his people, especially the poor and has a special love of the poor. He has had a few administrative Church positions, including provincial in the Jesuits - doubltess these experiences will help him in Rome and the problems with administration there, bringing them into line I hope.
My prayers will be with him daily that The Holy Spirit will support, strengthen and guide him all the way - and for many years to come.
Now I need a good pic of him for my wall to add to my pics of Popes in my lifetime:) Doubtless good pics of Pope Francis will abound.

Then you’ll love this post, Tigger. Scroll down a bit to see him kneeling and kissing the foot of an aids victim.


Here is a very nice pic of him with the past two Popes. At least that is what the caption on it said.

I believe that is Cardinal Mario Ciappi

Sure looks like it! Oh well It would have been a great pic.:o

Thanks be to God for giving us pope Francis! :thumbsup:

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