Hackers elect Futurama's Bender to the Washington DC school board

Electronic voting has earned a pretty bad reputation for being insecure and completely unreliable. Well, get ready to add another entry to e-voting’s list of woes.
One Bender Bending Rodríguez was elected to the 2010 school board in Washington DC. A team of hackers from the University of Michigan got Bender elected as a write-in candidate who stole every vote from the real candidates. Bender, of course, is a cartoon character from the TV series Futurama.
This was not some nefarious attack from a group of rouge hackers: The DC school board actually dared hackers to crack its new web-based absentee voting system four days ahead of the real election. University of Michigan professor Alexander Halderman, along with two graduate students, did the deed within a few hours.

Hackers elect Futurama’s Bender to the Washington DC school board

I guess, as Google figured out, the best way to find out if something’s secure or not is to offer up a challenge to hack it.

Quoting from the article:

When the team tried to get into the terminal server, they noticed there was an attack coming from Iran, and traced the IP address to the Persian Gulf University. The team realized the Iran-based hackers were getting in using one of the default admin logins (user: admin, password: admin). To stop the outside attacks the team blocked the offending IP address with iptables (a piece of software for server admins) and replaced the admin password with something more challenging.


And DC School Board actually dared people to try to break in?

Rouge hackers. LOL. There are white hackers, black hackers, and grey hackers, but only red linux.

The other week in the news hackers downloaded messages from Syrian gov’t ministers’ smartphones because they were using the PW 12345.

It makes sense in a way. These hackers have now shown that the program is faulty and the security is poor. I think someone needs a refund on their software.

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