Hacking makes me mad


OK. I have had my second hack in a week. It is really a ransomware. "Call *** *** **** and they will help you get out of it. If you call the ‘tech’ will reroute you to another number and then it is no longer free. Mine came in tonight and blocked my screen and said I was infected with porn. Yeah-right. This morning my cousin in upstate NY was a victim. She needs her computer as she is diabetic and has a brand new baby and a young son and had a difficult pregnancy. I know how to get out of fake alerts, but it still made me mad. Do this.
Download- Malwarebytes adw cleaner and it is free. It will clean your computer and block other fake alerts and hackware.


For security purposes, my computer is air gapped.

One day you’ll thank me…


Free tools:
Avast Free Antivirus: https://www.avast.com/en-us/free-antivirus-download
Spybot S&D Anti-Malware/Spyware: https://www.safer-networking.org/dl/

You should also use an Adblocker, the one I use is called uBlock Origin, which is available for both Chrome and Firefox. If you want to go a step further there are more like HTTPS Everywhere, No Script, etc. If you need help with any of that feel free to ask.

If you’re using internet explorer, don’t. Chrome and Firefox are much better choices with security addons/extensions like the ones I mentioned.

Also, do not open any attachments in emails unless you first check with the person sending them. If they come from someone you don’t know, just delete them without question. Same goes for links in emails, don’t click them unless you absolutely know who sent them and you check with the sender. For example, many viruses/malware/trojans/etc will infect John’s computer then start emailing itself out to everyone in John’s address book. The same goes for social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc). Never click a link or open an attachment without checking with the sender.

Sorry this happened to you.

God bless.


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