Had a dream where I was wearing a priestly or monk vestment

I had a dream where I was wearing some kind of religious vestment, it was black underneath and white above, both worn loosely. Is this a Benedictine habit?

Also it was the night I had asked God for a vocation. Should I read into the dream as a call?

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I dreamed about professional baseball last night. I am not and have never been a professional baseball player. I will never be one. I dreamed about it because I sat talking about professional baseball over dinner with someone, and then read the end of the book Moneyball, which is positively fascinating.

All of which is to say I dreamed of what had been on my mind, which is likely what happened to you. We have to be careful that we don’t put too much stock in dreams, as we can be led astray by them.



By all means. If you ask, expect an answer. It seems you got an answer keep asking and see what else the Lord has to say. I like to get three signs before I act.

Perhaps assisting at a Latin Mass.



I agree with Father. I would not read too much in it. You likely just dreamed about what was on your mind before you went to sleep.

Have you ever had any other experiences that seemed to indicate that you were being called?

Regarding the habit, I cannot think of any habit that is black underneath and white on top. I understand that many Dominicans tend to wear black under their white tunic, but I don’t think it’s a requirement. Same for Trappists, I believe. Benedictine monks wear black, but not white.

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