Had a holy water mishap


i accidentally sent a bottle of holy water through the washer and dryer… it was emptied during the process…

what does this mean exactly? am i culpable for something?

thanks in advance!


It means that that your jeans are holier than ever.

Other than that, you’re good. There was no intent…


It means that when you wear those clothes, you will be blessed head to toe. Heck, bullets might even bounce off you! :smiley: (Just kidding about the bullets; please do not try that at home.)

Seriously, accidents happen. Do not worry about it, unless it damages your washer or drying.


o that’s very cool.



I will say that I admire someone for carrying holy water around in their pocket.

A rosary may be more useful, however, and there are indulgences attached for always having a rosary with you. (Standard requirements to earn to indulgences apply.)


Holy water is a sacramental and not a Sacrament. BIG difference! No worries, then. You did it by accident. Right? Nothing blasphemous or sacrilegious, then. Now if you had the Sacred Species was in your jeans pocket (“the Body”)…then that would another matter entirely!


Take careful note how your day goes when wearing any of the clothes.


What about those days when we don’t wear any? :eek: :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh. Sorry about the previous post. I muisread what you wrote and missed the “of the” at the end of your sentence. :blush:


As the others have mentioned, there’s nothing wrong with this… but… but…
you may have the uncontrollable urge to cross your legs!!! :extrahappy:
Get it?!? CROSS your LEGS??? :rotfl:
Ow. Now my head hurts!


lol u ppl…

and i usually don’t carry it around but i had brought it back from church and forgot it was in my pocket :blush:

not to mention it was from easter :frowning:

hope there’s more!


not to mention it was from easter :frowning:

Oh, it’s from EASTER? That’s a different story: you’re doomed.


Just kidding. :wink:

I always keep Holy Water for blessing my bottles of wine, liquor, and beer, as well as drinking when I need a boost of encouragement to avoid temptations and pray. :slight_smile:

Peace and God bless!


u can DRINK it???

would that produce some sort of spiritual popeye/spinach effect?lol

i never knew ppl drank it! :confused:


You probably shouldn’t leave the house then! You know I’m just kidding, right.


Actually many different cultures who do in fact drink a little Holy Water now and then and I have known a few people that add a little of it to special food for Easter and Christmas.


At our parish, there was this unknown lady who filled up a gallon jug on occasion. We think she may have been cooking with it. I think the pastor ended up offering to fill it up for her from the rectory.


Each time you wear those clothes your day will always be blessed.


Yes, you are in grave sin. Send me $3000 in small bills to the following address…



At Easter (around here, anyway), the priest blesses a small container of water that sits at by the altar, as well as a fountain at the foot of the altar. By the entrance of the church, we keep two 30-gallon cans of holy water. We usually go through at least 45 gallons between the Easter vigil and Easter day mass…


it means you are very lucky it did not melt in the dryer, so obviously the fires of hell cannot prevail

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