Had seizure two days ago


I’m ok I hate seizure hate having autism and Bipoler .
I want to be a good Christian but then I make decisions
Like cohabit with my fiancé if we get married
We may get cuts in our disabilty money .
So some of my friends have commitment ceremonies
I wish we could get married without state interference
Right now living together we get Ssdi and it more than
If we marry. My mom lives with her boyfriend
My dad lives with his girlfriend 10 years they just got married
My priest is ok with us living together as long we
Try to remain celibate we fall into temptation
We don’t want kids can’t take care of ourselves
Our parents help us some say marriage isn’t
For people like us since we aren’t open to life
I like other people kids we have cats yep we cohabit and
Have two boy cats out feline sons. They are my babies.
Much easier than human babies.
Recently we find more understanding people at nondenominational
I love living with my fiancé we are committed
We are thinking about commitment ceremony
But we want real marriage too. We face challenges
Many don’t face I’m glad I live with fiancé
He takes care of me


You face many crosses in your life at the moment. I pray that you are looked after by our kind and loving God, in a fallen world full of suffering. Follow your priest’s advice and remain with God. There is no better protection.


Sometimes I don’t know why I’m here I’ve thought about suicide
God is there I know why do things have to be so hard
If I were normal is have kids.
My cats fiancé family love me
I go to mass and other churches and bible studies
I try to be good I do
I don’t know if ill have good or bad day
It nice to cuddle with my fiancé and cats
My cats purr and they understand


Praying for your intentions.


I had a seizure a few weeks ago myself. I will pray for your intention because I know how painful and frustrating it can be!

Know that there are MANY patron saints for seizures and epilepsy in the Catholic faith- and that all of them will hear your prayers.

I will pray that your condition is helped, that the people in your life can support you, and that your faith only grows stronger as a result of this cross.

Stay strong!!!


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