Had to get off of Y tube- to much hate

I’ve been commenting on Y tube for years, but as of today, I have decided to take a long break (if not permanent absence) from it. From homosexuality to morality and origins, the anti Christian hate is staggering.

Of course its an open forum with all kinds of viewpoints, which I have no problem with. The issue is the teenage style vulgarity and name calling that is relentless. I have had individuals simply explode with curses and give no actual point. I don’t typically like to single out one group, but the Atheists are full of rage, in some cases almost to the point of demonic possession . I don’t want this garbage to affect me anymore. Anyone have a similar experience and how have you coped with it.?

Such situations are the very essence of “casting pearls before swine.” Those you are trying to reach are not disposed to hear what you have to share, so it’s pointless. Indeed, in some cases it may do more harm than good for it gives such persons an outlet for spewing their venom, which isn’t any better for them than it is for you. Better to stick with websites on which people may disagree but are willing to hear you out and be courteous when opposing others viewpoints. :slight_smile: You can most certainly pray for those filled with hate, for they are being used as Satan’s puppets, poor things. :crossrc:

Very true. I have been feeling that it is "pointless’ for a while now but was lured due to my own tired desire to make the “ultimate correction”. Your advice is as solid as can be . Thank you.


As for me I love Fr. Rutler, Fr. Leo Clifford,(hope I’m spelling their names right), and all the priests video’s. I think it’s more of what you go on there for. After all you have a choice on which video’s to click on. You use your computer to do what you want. Free Will. It’s up to you what you see on y tube. Go hear what Fr. Rutler has to say about shallow religions and the anti Christ. And, Fr. Leo clifford is awesome.

Welcome to the Internet. It’s full of trolls of all types. Don’t take their words as too authentic. Some people will say things for the sake of getting a reaction out of someone.

I can only imagine. I was on it for years (and still am) though don’t bother commenting or replying to comments much anymore. The videos I commented on were only generally music related and even then things were bad.

There is so much good faithbuilding material on youtube, you can spend a lifetime just watching that. Best to ignore the other stuff and do your best to direct people to the good stuff.

I have to echo what others have said. However, let me share my own experiences with YT. It is full of Great Christian dialog, music, inspirational stories, priestly advice and so on. I often go to it when I want to listen to Ava Maria. My favorite composer is Schubert, look it up.

Youtube, like the internet itself, is replete with remarkable tools. When I am lonely, or depressed, I have only to go to YT and watch some sitcom or movie that I loved as a kid or young adult. Need to know how to do something? Work on a car, brush up on your Spanish? It is only a few keystrokes away.

When I do run across bad stuff, it serves as a reminder of how I have been blessed. I am grateful not to be full of hatred and anger. These emotions act like acid on the soul and spirit of anyone afflicted.

Here is the good news for those miserable souls who go to YT to do battle. One day, the very messages they condemn, may call them after they hit a crisis. I was never that vitriolic against Christendom, but at one time, I was bitter about it. Once the weight of sin was no longer tolerable, then I came back, and then began anew, this time with the Catholic Church. I have never looked back.

Blessings and a very happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you so much for sharing, I was always catholic but lost in the world for about 50 yr.s before I came back in my late 50’s. Never to late is it? Welcome back! I have never turned back either. I hope I never will again.

VERY true. I love YouTube for the music and the videos I used to enjoy as a kid.
You can watch hours of Fulton Sheen. Good stuff. Just get off the argumentative channels. :thumbsup:

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