Hae Wo's Story: Finding Faith and Fleeing North Korea


This report tells of a young Christian woman who escaped from North Korea, who had become a Christian while a prison camp because of her earlier attempt to escape. The North Korean regime is incredibly repressive against Christians, and now she is free to practice her faith. (In fact, before the communists took over, there had been so many churches in Pyongyang, the North Korean capital, that it was known as “the Jerusalem of the East.” Now the churches are gone, and how many Christians are left in North Korea is not known.)
see ncregister.com/daily-news/hae-woos-story-finding-faith-and-fleeing-north-korea


What a tragic situation it is in North Korea, but how wonderful she managed to escape and be able to practice her faith freely.


As an aside, stories like this make me glad that the U.S. fought the Korean War. It would be tragic if all of Korea looked like North Korea. In the north, persecution and desolation and religious persecution. In the south, freedom and prosperity and religious freedom.


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