Hagia Sofia to possibly become mosque again

Ancient church in Istambul, turned mosque, turned museum to possibly become mosque again


It disgusts me that they destroyed that beautiful Cathedral to turn it into a shrine to their “prophet”. Hopefully it will stay as a museum.

Okay… I agree that I’d like it to stay at least partially a museum, but I wouldn’t say it disgusts me.

**This is still disgusting. They stole that Church from us Christians. If we Christians did the same to them in the Middle East, I could see it potentially sparking WW3. It’s not a museum, it’s not a mosque, it was a Church that offered the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. This is sacreligious blasphemy. I say that one of the local Churches reclaim it seeing as it is still Church property. Or I say they give us a mosque in place of it that is close to its age and then we can convert the mosque into a Church. **

It was more about the tone that made it feel like “All Muslims are evil!”

The issue was settled when Constantinople fell in 1453.

I would hope that it remains museumized so that the art it contains remains visible to the world, however, it is those who live there who will determine that.

When wars are lost, tough cookies happen.


Sure it would be nice if it stayed a museum, but Christians “stole” the places of worship for all of the peoples of Europe and many continents besides that, so cry me a river about this one.

Which places were stolen?

When wars are lost, tough cookies happen.

I agree. The persecuted Christians in the Middle East need to stop whining. Might equals right after all. I mean look at Christ, he was all about domination and power or… Wait… errr maybe not.

It is time to apply sanctions against Turkey until they recognise the rights of minorities such as the Kurds and the Armenians, until they give back Cypress, and until they give back the Hagia Sophia to the Orthodox Church.

Why would we want a mosque to offer Holy Mass in?

I concur that the Hagia Sophia ought to be reclaimed for Christendom.

Which places are these that Christians stole?

" The persecuted Christians in the Middle East need to stop whining."

I wonder if that was changed to…

“The persecuted Jews in Germany need to stop whining”

How would that go…?

The Alhambra and the Cathedral at Cordoba remain in Christian hands. Muslims have been petitioning for years just to be able to pray alongside Christians at the Cordoba Cathedral - which was built to be a mosque and made into a church during the Reconquista. This milk was spilled a long, long, long time ago.

It was a church before it was a mosque.

Says who? And what is “Cypress”? Cypress Hill?
Such bellicose fantasies remind me of some online forums where American teenagers dream about reconquering Byzantium and destroying the Ottomans, just like in a video game.

As for those who lament the fate of Hagia Sophia and talk about Muslim cruelty, I guess it’s very useful to remember the role of fellow Christians in the plundering and weakening of the Byzantine Empire, just in time for the final blow administered by Mehmet the Conqueror.

You mean the Church that was suppose to be dedicated to St. Vincent?

The building was begun around the year 600 as the Christian Visigothic church of St. Vincent.

David Levering Lewis, God’s Crucible: Islam and the Making of Europe, 570 to 1215, W. W. Norton & Company, (2008)

That said, the Hagia Sophia has a lot of shared history at this point, making it into a mosque or a cathedral again would seem like it’s pushing half of it out of the way. It’s smarter to leave it as a museum, so that everyone can share in it.

When I was there, they had restored some of the beautiful paintings the Muslims had covered up many years ago. It felt strange to me. A symbol of our Christianity and the Islam effect also at the same time.

It should be a Church.

The island of Cyprus is historically and traditionally Greek territory. Islamic Turkey has no business taking over half of the island. Also the Turkish muslims have no business stealing the Hagia Sophia from the Greek Orthodox Christians who worked so hard to build it. The time has come to apply sanctions on Islamic Turkey until they give back what they have stolen from the peace loving Christian people of Greece.

Off the top of my head? Most of the continent of Europe, much of the continent of Africa, most of the continent of North America, most of the continent of South America, several places scattered throughout the Pacific Ocean… probably some other places I’m forgetting.

In other words, about half of the world? That’s some pretty good loot.

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