Hail Holy Queen Prayer: Origin? Uses in any chaplet or other prayer "method"


Please help if you know anything. Thanks.


It’s one of the most common Final Antiphons of the Virgin that’s sung or read at the end of the Divine Office through the year.

One tradition says it was composed by St. Isaac the Syrian.


According to Father Benedict Groeschel CFR the Hail Holy Queen Prayer was written by Herman of Reichenau (now Blessed Herman).

Herman was born with multiple birth defects and his parents left him with some monks, who apparently got permission and/or help in raising the child. Herman later joined a religious order.

Hope this helps.


I love this prayer…I say it at the end of the rosary…


Thank you both for replies which touched my heart much - the first because, it just seems perfect, who Fr. Groeschel says created the prayer, and the second, because I agree. My method is to repeat the prayer almost constantly. Much of the time it is repeated silently with attention, feeling and awareness of the meaning. This is rarely true when I repeat any other prayer, and the depth of “need” and appreciation for this prayer is head and shoulders above any other prayer which explains why I’m able and desire to repeat it so much. I suppose people have written their own chaplets, and some have become popular in local circles when shared. I suppose I could just create a formula … or simply continue on as I’m doing. :stuck_out_tongue:


Cluny, thank you also for your reply - somehow I missed it first time around. I don’t say the prayer interiorally ALL the time - just… quite a bit of the time, at times, particularly challenging times. It covers everything quite well - .


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