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This is my first post. Just a quick question: Is it permissible to say the “Hail Mary” during mass? The pastor at my church prompts us to do so just after the prayer of the faithful and just prior to the offertory hymn.



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I attend a Carmelite Shrine church occasionally, and not surprisingly the Hail Mary is recited at every mass. I forget exactly where but it is fairly early on.

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Very common in the UK (following the intercessions).



I’ve seen this done by some parishes in USA too. I suppose some might claim it is “adding to the Mass” but I’m not bothered by it.



A parish in our area prays th Hail Mary. In another parish, the priest leads the Cor Jesu…after his homily. Why wouldn’t such prayers be not only okay, but laudable?
And the Last Gospel and Leonine prayers should happen in every parish, imo. No big, tho. I made my own laminated pages for those.



I personally don’t have a problem with a short extra prayer to Jesus, Mary, St Joseph or St Michael, or the saint the church is named for.

There is a rule however that priests are not supposed to add things to the ritual of the Mass, including prayers. They get around it by saying the prayer before Mass starts (Mass hasn’t begun), after the final blessing (Mass is over), at the “announcement” time (priest is allowed to say what he wants here, within reason ) or during homily time (priest is supposed to discuss the readings but he has wide latitude as to what he says). Saying it at the end of the General Intercessions is more problematic, but I have heard priests add a Hail Mary there.

The Leonine Prayers were suppressed decades ago. Some OF parishes still say them after the Mass ends but before the priest leaves the sanctuary, or else he steps out of the sanctuary, prays and then goes the rest of the way out.



At the FSSP parish in my hometown, we pray the Hail Mary on Sundays and major Feast Days at the beginning of the homily after the homilist recites the Epistle and Gospel in English.

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Same in our parish. It is offered for the sick and dying of the parish.




There are opportune moments within the Mass where these prayers can be “plugged in” without running afoul of the rubrics. (And for the record, I have no opposition to them being there or anywhere, it’s just that these are the most suitable places in the liturgical “flow”.) Those moments are during/before/after the homily, the general intercessions, after the post-communion period of silence (or better yet, the prayer after communion), or right after the formal dismissal and before the closing hymn.



At my current parish, we sing it after the Eucharist. We also pray to St. Michael after the final blessing, and on the first Sunday of the month, we pray to the Holy Family before the entrance procession.



You don’t say where you are. Here in the UK the Hail Mary is always said at the end of Prayer of the Faithful.



At my church (FSSP) the pastor usually does one right before starting homily. He also does three of them (along with Our Father, and Haily Holy Queen) at foot of altar right before leaving, though this seems to be in low Mass only.



Praying the Hail Mary during mass is normal and quite common. I know of several parishes who do this.



After the homily today in which the deacon strolled the center aisle tossing a ball up in the air, told a personal anecdote about receiving a speeding ticket and quoted Richard Rohr, I decided I’ll just silently pray the Rosary next time he’s preaching. At least I’ll get lots of Hail Marys in!


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