Hail Mary, full of Grace

I have a difficult time “opening up” to the Lord, at least verbally. I used to write the Lord letters but I never actually prayed. I just told him what is going on my life. I shared my most intimate worries and feelings. I was just brutally honest with myself in my prayer journal. When I pray I just say “Hail Mary.” I do not see the purpose of praying to God to fix my own USUALLY self-inflicted problems. I’d rather just say already created prayers like “Our Father” , “Hail Mary,” or the “serenity” prayer

I do quite the opposite. I have only prayed directly to God in my own words. I feel better going directly to God like the Evangelicals do.

You are still honoring Him, prayer doesn’t always have to be a set memorized piece. Acknowledge God and talk with him is prayer too.

I never keep count but I pray several Aves each day. More often than not it’s spontaneous.

I do find however, my most intense prayer time is during Adoration. Sometimes I will say prayers before the Blessed Sacrament and then tell Him I’ll just listen awhile. Even if I don’t perceive any message from Him, just the act of acknowledging His presence before me I consider prayer.

However one chooses to pray, what is important is that we do pray as often as possible during the course of each day.

Prayer Changes Things :slight_smile:

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