HAIL MARY, Mother of God; Nun stuff and peace from an anglican :) x


Wow, a lot has happened since my last visit to CAF.

I struggled for many years to understand Mary’s role within the Anglican church. Catholics were rather distinct in their teachings, whereas Anglican theology was a bit hit and miss. (No jokes, please :P)

Anyway, I’ve had a tough time of life, and God got me through that; but I felt such a longing for a motherly mother for many years, which had never been fulfilled.

The curate at the (Anglican) church I attend, rather out of the blue after reading scrupture in morning prayer, recommended a book to me caled “Hail, Holy Queen: The Mother of God in the Word of God” by Scott Hahn. Wow, it hit the spot and left me wanting to know more! His simple, direct, relational way of urging all denominations (not just Roman Catholics) to look to Mary as a Holy Queen and Heavenly Mother was so amazing. It finally pieced together all which low Anglican traditions miss. (High churches seem to understand Mary much better than the low, rural)

(How do you experience Anglican attitudes towards Mary?)

I went on to paint a picture of Mary and Jesus just before Christmas, but I don’t think it’s really my work, more God’s.

Anyway, I should also mention that I’m finally biting the bullet and starting to visit religious communities!

I love God!


Thanks for sharing!

God Bless



Hail Mary! :slight_smile: I read his book too, it is very awesome and his writing style makes it easy for me to understand.

I am joyful that you have thought about the consecrated life, does your churh provides Spiritual Director whom can help you with your vocation discernment? It is very important to have one. I currently have my associate pastor as my Spiritual Director and he is also a member of the vocation team of our diocese.

We need Mother Mary in our life. She points us to Jesus!

God bless.


As an Anglican, I believed ALL the Catholic dogmas about Our Lady. I prayed the rosary (now and then). I started out Low Church but moved by millimeters towards nosebleed-High Church before realizing that I was already Catholic and ought to regularize the situation.

If you are looking at Anglican Religious Orders, be very C-A-R-E-F-U-L. VERY careful. Even the “good” ones are falling into “creation worship” and one the last “good” one I know of is coming home to Rome as a community as I type this post.


So heart warming to hear someone else discovering our Holy Queen, share her with all who will listen.

God bless.:thumbsup:


Hi, yeah, I’ve got a formal and an informal spiritual director; the informal spiritual director as I’ve just termed her isn’t really the nicest way to have described her because she’s awesome (the curate in the parishes I worship in). She’s a good friend and a wise woman, but she also is naturally a spiritual director to me… I also have a spiritual director at a nearby priory which is ecumenical.

I certainly agree with needing Mother Mary in our life!

I’m afraid there is a lot I don’t accept about Catholic doctrine and tradition, so I can not ever see myself move into the Catholic church. I too, have Rosary which really aids my prayer, but I’ve since learnt there is lot’s of space in Anglican worship for the Blessed Virgin, it’s a misconception that Anglicans can not accept her.

I notice, Mercygate, that you are from the US, it seems to be the case that in UK the communities remain as traditional as ever; indeed there are lot of similarities between Anglican and Roman Catholic nuns in the UK communities.

I most certainly will Allan :slight_smile:


Again I say: Be CAREFUL. May God prosper your vocation. Maybe ask Our Lady of Walsingham to intercede for you!


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