Hail Mary removed from Mass

Well it has been said at everyone of over 2000 masses said by over a dozen different priests I have attended in England, perhaps it is just custom in my diocese I don’t know but it is a custom of that I am certain and it clearly is a custom in the OP’s parish otherwise there wouldn’t be this post.

As such that it is done is unquestionable and not what we are discussing.

At my Church (in Virginia, USA) we say the Hail Mary every week as part of the Prayers of the Faithful. But at my mom’s Church (which is in a different Diocese) they don’t. I figure it’s an optional part of Mass.

Being a custom in one diocese does not make it a general practice. It has never been the norm in any country as far as I am aware but if you can provide documentation to show I’m wrong I will readily stand corrected.

N one is arguing that Thistle why are you trying to pick a fight with me?

My church is also in Virginia and we pray the Hail Mary… This has been an interesting discovery. Thanks for sharing.

Interesting…at my parish in Massachusetts we only say the Hail Mary after the prayer of the faithful when our priest from Ireland says Mass.

I’m not. I thought you were! lol

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