Hail, Mary

Has anyone seen/read the new TIME magazine dated March 21, 2005?
It has an article about Protestans starting to accept Mary into sermons and discussions.
I do not care for the modernization of our faith, but this makes me wonder. In the article it says that Catholics and Protestants feel freer to explore each others beliefs, and talks about some feminst type issues. I have heard before that even through bad things happening, God will use them to His advantage and make good out of even the opposition. People are confused about orthodoxy and feminist issues in the church, and mixing Protestant/Catholicism together. While it is in our best interest to stay orthodox which we should pray for (so that we will not compromise our faith)…I am noticing that even in rough times like these God is at work in mysterious ways always turning satan’s plans against satan.
Anyone have any opinions on this?

There are two threads going on about this article right now, one in “In the News” and I think the other is in “spiritualy” forum.

I think it’s great to bring Mary on the cover, and I’m glad Protestants are finally seeing her for more than just ‘some woman’ Although I didn’t like how the article seemed to want to keep some distance from what “the Catholics” do, it seemed to hint that we do cross a line. But I suppose it’s small steps…

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