Hail Mary

For all Christians, we believe that Mary is blessed and we should honor Her for that. Have you ever said something to honor her. For instance, saying the partial Hail Mary prayer that Catholic prays:

Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with you. Blessed are you among woman, blessed is the fruit of your womb Jesus.

That’s what my signature says

Hail Mary, full of graace, the Lord is with you

I don’t honor, since i’m not a Catholic, but i respect her for she is the mother our God.

That’s nice. What language is that? :slight_smile:

Uh oh, you forgot the commandment :wink:

**Honor thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee.

What did you have in mind about Catholic honoring Virgin Mary? Worshiping her perhaps?

That is a huge misunderstanding of Non-C towards Catholic. :getholy:

Gaeilge (Scots-Gaelic)

**Hi Water

Honoring pple comes in alots of way. However it is the heart that count the most and not action. There are those who looks holy outside but ugly inside, most importantly i respect Mary for she is Jesus’s mother.

Non CC does have a little misunderstanding, is becoz Catholic spend 10% intercede to Mary and the rest to God. But Christian rather spend 100% praying to God solely. So i understand where Mary stands in term of the Catholic :)** .

Luke 1: 48 For he hath regarded the low estate of his handmaiden: for, behold, from henceforth all generations shall call me blessed.

Hi Montalban

I rather prefer someone to answer me with their own words, then quoting bible verse, for interpretation of the bible should comes from the church and not how we read it in the form of an English statement. :wink:

In my own words, then…
Mary said she’d be called blessed

Hi Montalban

I have no problem with that, Mary are instead blessed!!:slight_smile:

Have you ever asked your friends to pray for you? Doesn’t it take percentage out of your 100% praying to God. Don’t you agree that those in Heaven can see more clearly than we do? and that their prayers are worth it?

Are you implying that the Word of God is not worth to be quoted? After all, most of the time, all posters here want to see what it says in the Bible, right?

Would an artist be angered if people spent 10% of their time marveling at his artwork instead of praising him directly? When Catholics and Orthodox and others honor the saints, we are honoring God because we are praising His creation and the love the Saints had for Him. So, we do indeed spend 100% with and for God, whether it is by directly praising Him or by honoring His Saints.

Are you trying to say that Catholics are not Christians??

**Hi Thistle

I’m sorry if my statement make you feel this way. However none of my statement directly hit you an aim Catholic. You are what you are, nobody can shaken you!!! t…**

Neither of these phrases of the Hail Mary should be objectionable to anyone. After all, they are quotes from scripture.

The greeting of the angel Gabriel to Mary (at the annunciation):

Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with you.

Elizabeth’s greeting to Mary (at the visitation):

Blessed are you among woman, blessed is the fruit of your womb.

Luther, himself, had no problem with this prayer, although he warned those of weak faith from praying it because they might be led to lose sight of Christ.

Now, to be sure, most Lutherans would not agree with Luther (or with me):frowning: and would probably run me out of town if I were to suggest we pray those verses.

She’s saying that people will call her blessed. That’s what we do when we say “Hail Mary…”

I hope you understand that not only are Catholics Christian but we were the first Christians and we belong to the only Church Christ founded when he established it on Peter. Other Christian churches are simply part of breakaways 500 years ago or new groups recently set up only by man and not Christ.
The Catholic Church has an unbroken line all the way back to Christ. No protestant church has that.

The Catholic Church can also be identified in the Bible.
The name “the Catholic Church” (Greek: katholikos ekklesia) developed from Acts 9:31 “the Church throughout all” (Greek: ekklesia kath olos).

Also although Protestants don’t like to talk about it they have to accept that it was the Catholic Church which gave the world the Bible.

The Catholic Church is the only Christian church that has the fullness of truth of Christ. Mainstream Protestants have some of that truth and we pray they will see the light and come home to the Catholic Church.

Hi happygal,

As a Catholic, I would say that we are not taking away from our prayers to God when we ask Mary to interceed for us or when we honor her. I heard it once explained as an artist hearing praise for his artwork…when you admire his paintings he doesn’t say “well what are you going to say nice about ME?”. When we honor Mary we are honoring God who created her.

So it’s more like 100% to God plus 10% to Mary, to use your example. :slight_smile:

Happy Gal,

I’m not Roman Catholic, I’m Lutheran, and I say the full-fledged council of Trent Hail Mary when praying the rosary. This is a tricky issue for protestants because they don’t recognize a difference between “praying to” and “asking to pray for.” Even the vast majority of Lutherans agree with you about the Hail Mary, but some of us have found the truth in the Eastern Orthodox understanding of the communion of saints.

How about this train of purely biblical reasoning using the Theotokos to start with…just for fun. :-).

  1. She is called blessed in the Magnificat in St. Luke’s Gospel.
  2. St. Paul constantly mentions praying for in the Spirit at all times (Ephesians 6).
  3. There is an Old Testament prohibition against praying to the dead, but those who are alive in Christ are not dead!
  4. No where in Scripture are we told that you stop praying when you die on earth. In fact, Revelation 5:8 is a pretty clear indication that the saints in heaven pray for us on earth (the 24 elders are symbolic of the Old Testament patriarchs and New Testament Apostles - i.e. those who are in Heaven from before and after Christ)!

I hope this helps somewhat with a purely biblical reasoning that leads to asking the saints to “intercede” for us. We don’t pray TO them, because that is a form of worship that God alone deserves, but we ask them through that same Holy Spirit that we all sahre to pray for us just as I would ask my friend on Sunday to pray for me.

Pax Christi,

Chris Heren

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