HailMary/Our father in Russian

Hi everyone:)
I’m not sure where I should post this request. I’m studying Russian and have the words to the"Hail Mary" and the
"Our Father", but I want to hear them.
Are there any Russian speakers who could record them and send them to me in mp3 files.

Me too. Would love to find a German audio of HM and OF.

Do I have a TREAT for you. For the German prayers, at least. Go to this website: courseweb.stthomas.edu/paschons/schonsDir

That will take you to the German Web Pages of Paul A. Schons who teaches at St. Thomas. Click on German Philosophy, Theology, Religion Index Page. Then choose V. General Documents and Sources in German (it’s down the page some). Under that, you will see Gebete (Prayers in German). Choose that. Page down and you will find the audio for many German prayers which you can read along with because the words are right there too. You’ll find the Our Father, the Hail Mary, Glory Be, Sign of the Cross, Prayer of St. Thomas before study, Come Holy Ghost, The Creed, the 23 Psalm, the Memorare. There’s a treasure trove there for you.

I have found his website to be extremely helpful in my study of German. ENJOY.

My daughter is a Russian translator with the Navy. I’ll ask her if she knows of any sites for this.

You might ask on byzcath

It’s going to be very difficult to find anything in Russian. Most recordings of the Our Father are sung in Old Church Slavonic which is NOT Russian. Russian in not used in the churches except for the sermon. All services are conducted in Old Church Slavonic.

Hope this helps…

Russian Church Slavonic isn’t quite identical to Old Church Slavonic, either. It’s developed a difference due to typographic reforms in the late Imperial era.

They are all mutually intelligible.

And since it’s so “mutally inteeligible”, Patriarch Kirill is working to bring in the wider use of Russian into the Divine Liturgy and other services:eek:

My daughter knows the Hail Mary in six or so languages. I know where she got the Gaelic and French ones (from me) but the others, I don’t know. I’ll ask.

And since it’s so “mutally inteeligible”, Patriarch Kirill is working to bring in the wider use of Russian into the Divine Liturgy and other services

Acually, the All-Russian Council of 1917 that reestablished the Patriarchate had passed a resolution to go to modern Russian, but the events of the Communist ascendancy prohibited that, especially since the so-called Living (Renovated) Church Movement embraced using modern Russian and the New Calendar.

Here is the link to the Valaam Monastery website, which is in part of Russia. valaam.ru/en/songs/

In it, you will find many wonderful chants of the Eastern Catholic and Orthodox Church. I am sure the Our Father is there, I saw the Magnificat, you will just have to search for it. This is one of my favorite - Agni Parthene. Saint Nectarios of Aegina. %between%

There have been priests suspended for using modern Russian in the Divine Liturgy…

Russian Church Slavonic is as intelligible to Russian as Latin and Italian… just different enough to throw one. Most of the words are the same root, but the declensions are slightly different. The big (and tongue-tripping) difference is that Russian post-1919 uses 33 letters, and RCS still uses at least 39…

Russian Church Slavonic is closer to Old Church Slavonic, but again, is not the same.

Can’t help you there but they are pronounced just like they are written, however take into context that the Catholic version of the Our Father and Hail Mary are in “old Russian” like how in English the Our Father and Hail Mary is usually with older words with all of the thee’s and thou’s. Also the Russian Orthodox use a different “Hail Mary” than we do, so what you will hear from those websites will be different than what Catholics use.

Btw for the posters saying Russians use Church Slavonic - Catholics (Latin-rite) in Russia use vernacular Russian for the liturgy.

I have my microphone unplugged right now and it’s about 1:00 AM here, so I’m going to sleep :slight_smile: But if nobody from russian speakers would help you until tomorrow evening, I’ll record these prayers for you.

Yes, latin rite catholics in Russia use modern russian, not church-slavonic.
But I, myself, prefer church-slavonic for private prayers. I even often make mistakes while reciting the Creed in russian during Mass, because I love the text in church-slavonic, which I learned long ago while being orthodox :slight_smile:
And I have always to remind myself to include “filioque” now :slight_smile:

When I pray the Rosary for example, I use church-slavonic or latin.

So if you wouldn’t find help until tomorrow evening, I’ll record these prayers when I’ll be back from work.

I recorded “Our Father” in russian, “Hail Mary” in russian and “Hail Mary” in Church Slavonic.

If you want to listen to Church-Slavonic Creed (not much difference with russian one), I have it at my site too.

If you need help with russian in the future, you can ask me :slight_smile:

Wow, Thanks for all the reactions and to Inity.I 'll be able to join in now, when I go to the Catholic church in St.Petersburg during my next stay. I shall once again be in Russia for the Orthodox Easter and I’m really looking forward to that. I so love the way Orthodox priests sing!

When are you going to visit Russia? :slight_smile:

Does not the Great Russian Church use Church Slavonic liturgical language and not the literary Great Russian language???:confused:

Russian Orthodox Church and Byzantine Catholic Church use Church-Slavonic.
Latin Rite Catholics use russian.
(in private prayers, I love latin and church-slavonic =)

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