Hair Loss and products without unwanted side effects

Hi all,
A lot of the treatments out there, for male pattern baldness, have the possible side effects of making the person undergoing the treatment impotent, or infertile, partial or complete loss of libido, ED disfunction, all due to lowering testosterone, increasing estrogen, blocking dht (as an attempt to stop the male hormones shrinking hair follicles in the scalp)
Such treatments are: propecia, rogaine, minoxidil, different shampoos, saw palmetto, different hair serum drops, supplement tablets, etc…

The Catholic Church teaches it is a mortal sin to deliberately make oneself incapable of having kids (such as an operation with that intent),

Is it then a mortal sin if someone is taking one of the above treatments to stop early male pattern baldness, and they recognise that the product is making them impotent,
Then it would be a mortal sin to continue to use the product?
Is it a sin for anyone to use those product then because those products have such side effects?

Does anyone have experience with using the supplement “Viviscal Man”, they are vitamin tablets that are supposed to stop hairloss and increase hair growth, they include saw palmetto which has a side effect of possibly making someone impotent,

Are there any products out there that work but are free of side effects such as the above:

Eg: lasercomb,
Scalp roller,
Nanogen hair growth serum,

Do any of the above or other products work without unwanted side effects?

Interesting. One can use medications for medical reasons even if sterility is a side effect. I honestly don’t know about hair loss products.

From what I have learned on CAF–it is permissible to use a medical product if you have a valid medical reason to use it. The intent is to cure a medical problem. The side-effects are not intentional, and therefore not a matter of sin.

Hairloss from male pattern baldness is not a medical condition, and trying to cure it is not medication, no one dies from male pattern hair loss.
So it is not essential that a person use these products and run the risk of impotence etc… and all the other unwanted side effects from the products interfering with the male hormones.

There is a difference between someone who needs to take a medication to cure an illness and someone who could just let nature take its course (hairloss) and not deliberately use products that cause possible irreparable side effects to the male hormones.

Or is it permissible for someone to use these products, on the condition that they cease using the products if they begin to experience those side effects.

GLH from Ronco

To take it in a different direction, it’s got to be a sort of sin of vanity to spend money on hair loss products. There are people dying of starvation, people without shelter, refugees fleeing war torn countries while in the west we’re grappling with whether it’s sinful to use hair loss products due to possible side effects of infertility?

I think the concern over using hair loss products is entirely misplaced in this instance. Save the money and send it to Aid to the Church in Need or the Catholic Near East Welfare Association.

Catholic Church teaching that deliberately making oneself sterile is a mortal sin. Canon Law includes that someone who has had a deliberate operation so that they can’t have kids, cannot discern religious life, or priesthood,

Also if a person is permanently unchangeably rendered sterile, they cannot discern marriage or get married. Church teaching.

So medication with side effects of possible permanent impotence could block someone from their calling to the sacrament of marriage and any future kids they were called to have.

But my question is:

Is it okay for a person to try out anti hair loss products, on the condition that they immediately stop using the product and seek help (if the product shows initial signs of causing impotence).

Are you asking about the morality of a cosmetic product?

No. Whilst impotence is a bar to marriage, sterility is not.

No, this is not correct.

I don’t think that’s correct, MaryHelp777. I was reading in another thread just yesterday that someone who has undergone a procedure can get be married in the Church.

This is the case, I believe. I’m not sure what the Church’s definition of impotence is, though.

I don’t think anything really works, other than hair plugs (which look like hair plugs) and some medications like Rogaine.

My hair loss has been a slow and steady dribble for nearly 30 years. Once I asked my barber what could be done about it. He said, “A man with thinning hair will never look unnatural.” :wink:

Check out TLC Naturals Grow It botanical hair growth products online and on Etsy. High potency, works super duper fast and one of the best products i know of

pax Christi

Why does this product work, and are there any unwanted side effects? Do you use this product yourself?
What kind of improvements did it bring to your hair regrowth on your scalp?

Call your Diocese - each has canon lawyers to help with such questions. You can also contact the National Catholic Bioethics Center, who deal with such issues daily. Alopecia is a medical condition. Treating it does not produce 100% infertility, and any infertility may be temporary. I believe that you are greatly over-thinking this. Make those calls and be at peace.

Are there hair loss products out there without the risk of partial impotency side effects? :slight_smile:

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