Haiti needs massive response after Hurricane Matthew



Haiti now experiencing cholera crisis.


repost of disaster relief for polluted drinking water:

Probably I should repost these two posts onto a Haiti thread, but I just wanted to finish this thought … about just one more example of how Hillary failed again.

People in Haiti not only died from direct storm results and flooding and lack of shelter … but they also are dying from lack of drinking water … and getting cholera.

Safe drinking water is the number one essential item. And it is the EASIEST to correct and to provide.

First, you collect water. For that you need some sort of tank. You can build them out of ferrocement but you can also put up temporary water storage. Have you ever seen an above ground swimming pool? Well they hold five thousand or ten thousand gallons of water. You can fill them up and use them as neighborhood reservoirs.

THEN, two, you provide some basic water filtration & purification. Ever hear of a “swimming pool filter”? Technically, they are “sand filters”. You can buy them anywhere. I have used them in third world countries and they work just fine. You don’t need giant construction specifications.

And THEN, three, you provide further purification. You can use a Berkey water filter … from Amazon and delivered by FedEx.

OR you can use a LifeStraw. They come in different sizes.

OR/And you can use chlorination. The same stuff you put in your swimming pool. OR you can use bleach. Same stuff. Different names.


And Clinton has the resources to provide ALL of this, but chooses to make promises and photo opportunities and DOES NOTHING.

Just more empty promises. “I am going to do this”. And “I’m going to do that”. Another “program”.] [You don’t need a “program”.]

She could have been doing this stuff all along.

Pass these three posts to your friends. It’s easy stuff to actually do. Maybe someone in one of the aid groups will read them and just fly the stuff in from Miami. Above ground swimming pools, filters and Berkey and Lifestraw water purifiers.

Cement and light steel chicken wire for ferrocement houses and water tanks are easy. Chlorine bleach is easy. Those little testing kits are easy.

Stop wringing the hands and stop making empty promises.

Doing basic stuff is easy to do.

[Trump, Trump, Trump … well, he already employs more than 20,000 people. He said he could build the wall easily and he can because he knows how to DO STUFF. As President he can give the order to U.S. AID to actually do stuff in Haiti, instead of arguing about what language the construction specification should be written in and how many language translations are needed.]


The CAF thread on Haiti includes a link to this GAO report [by Congress] on the failure to spend the money they appropriated … they gave the money one day after the earthquake … but the State Department did not spend it.


You also build homes out of concrete … especially out of “ferrocement” which is a few layers of chicken wire over a light frame and two thin layers of mortar troweled on it from each side. They don’t rot and are immune to termites. Perfect for tropical areas in earthquake zones. And you can add on to them.


Ferrocement has been around for 200 years. And it extremely easy, cheap and fast to use to build houses, water tanks, boat hulls, etc. You can build them small or large. Very easy to learn how to do it.


The other thing easy to do is reforestation. Also known as planting trees. Some varieties can grow several feet per year. And they are not only useful for making things but also for use as cooking fuel and for preventing soil erosion.


Originally Posted by Michael68 View Post
I am in no way a supporter of HRC and I am wondering if you just blamed a hurricane on her?

What you do is make the drainage ditches so that they don’t have people living in them.

After a few decades of hurricanes and earthquakes, the Clintons should have figured out … by now …how to prevent devastation of this magnitude.

If you can identify the physical forces, then you can design for them. Especially when the Clintons have their HUGE amounts of money available.

Instead … they have done NOTHING!

[How did the rest of the island of Hispaniola make out? Same tiny island accommodates the country of Dominican Republic.]

If you drive from one end of the island to the other, there is the difference from night and day.

IN FACT, if you look up the satellite photo taken at night, Dominican Republic is all lit up whereas Haiti is dark. The only comparable situation is the difference between South Korea and North Korea.

IN FACT, there is a thread here on CAF … in which the Haiti situation is discussed … post earthquake … the U.S. State Department [Who was Secretary of State?] … in two years … only spent 1% of the money made available by Congress made available disaster relief, the next day.

Here is the thread:

Re: Haiti disaster help lags badly [two years after the quake]


Apologies for getting agitated.

Don’t get me started.


No need to apologize. People need to know these things. We have a group from our parish that go down to ESPWA Village every January. They actually recognized some of the children on the CRS web page with pictures of the devastation.
Clothes everywhere, most of the teachers at the school/orphanage lost their homes entirely.
We were in the middle of collecting goods for the trip when the Hurricane hit.
Lots of work to do.
Also to rebuild the satellite dish. No communication right now.
And still the chidlren smile.
Amazing how people with so little can find joy in the smallest gifts.
Praying for the people of Haiti. :signofcross:


:clapping: I will only send money for Haiti through one of the Catholic Charities. The Clintons picked up a cool billion from the earthquake years ago and it is still sitting in a bank in NY.


CRS operates ESPWA and they have a link on their site fro direct donations.


More reading … funds apparently being syphoned off.






Donald Trump is accusing the Clintons of cashing in on Haiti’s 2010 earthquake




There is a Deadliest Journey showing Haiti.

This is one of the programs that came up.

Here is another one:




There is going to be famine here … Hurricane Matthew’s apocalyptic aftermath in Haiti.


It is definitely very sad about what is happening in Haiti. Unfortunately I have seen very little news coverage of the tragic situation in Haiti. I guess that is because more people are focused on the latest Trump scandals.

Anyway, I would love to donate to a charity which is helping Haiti out but since I am disabled and am a single mother, I have a very limited income and cannot afford to donate. They do have my sympathy although I know that my sympathy isn’t going to do them any good.


You can always pray/


Since the situation in Haiti is receiving little attention from the US news media, perhaps you can help by keeping your friends and family informed? Get the word out to people who can help with financial donations if they know about the deaths and extreme suffering happening in Haiti.


If anyone visits Google and types in “haiti news”, the latest items will come up.

It’s pretty bad.

In addition, our Congress has authorized and appropriated BILLIONS in disaster relief … AND our Congress had their General Accounting Office … the GAO … prepare reports on the results … regular status reports.

I posted a link here to one of the GAO reports … a two-year follow up … to the $400 million that Congress gave the day after the earthquake in Haiti in 2010 … the State Department only spent 1% of the money. [Yes, Hillary really WAS the Secretary of State during that time period.]

They need water treatment for their drinking water. This is easy to do … just buying catalog items … but it’s not done.

They can look up in the Miami yellow pages phone book and hire well drillers … easy to do … but not done.

They need durable housing … I posted some links to ferrocement … cheap and easy. But it’s not done.

None of this is rocket science.

You can visit the Miami phone book.

There is also the Blue Book … one for each state … a listing of all of the construction contractors … with the phone numbers. Easy peasy. www.thebluebook.com

Right next door, ten feet away is the country of the Dominican Republic. They are not having the problems of the severity experienced by Haiti. And they are right there.

Anyway, if you visit Google and type in GAO report Haiti, a bunch of the reports will come up. These reports are easy to read and illuminating. Our Congress gave BILLIONS … and you need to read the reports to see what really happened to the money.

If you look at the video link I posted for “Deadliest Journey” for Haiti … it’s a recent video … you can see the condition of the roads … it would be simple for us to simply pave the roads … but even after all these years, we have not done so.

But, seriously, just visit Google and type in Haiti.


I don’t believe in prayer.

That’s true. I have been trying to do that to a certain extent. I try to share posts on Facebook about Haiti from time to time in order to spread awareness.


Oh Holly not again! You’ve lost your faith again? :frowning: :console:

That’s really good of you to spread the awareness! Really good! :slight_smile: :thumbsup::thumbsup:


For decades … since 1898 … there has been a reference resource called The Thomas Register.


It/they are a MASSIVE set of catalogs of products that you can use for projects.

More recently, they have computerized the thing.

Here is the link:


I have used these things for half a century.

Always got into “trouble” because we would have a problem and would browse these fabulous books and find products that would solve the problem … and I got into “trouble” because then the bureaucrats would actually have to do some work and go and buy the stuff.

Most/many public libraries have The Thomas Register in the reference room. [Or they used to … now available on line.]

You can look them up and take a look at what products are available for almost any project requirement.

As I recall, they are free.

[The companies that manufacture products and provide the catalogs provide them for users.]

So, if you are looking for ways to solve specific problems in Haiti, here is one way to look for solutions to the problems.


Do the reading.

It’s free.


Sorry for the jumble below, but it took many clicks for the articles to open.

This news article appeared this morning on www.lucianne.com



The article is from the Latin American Herald Tribune.

More Than 1 Million Await
Humanitarian Aid after Haiti Hurricane
Latin American Herald Tribune [Miami FL], by Staff
Original Article
Posted By:PageTurner, 10/17/2016 3:15:28 AM
PORT-AU-PRINCE – Haiti on Thursday continued its efforts to normalize areas devastated last week by Hurricane Matthew, while more than a million are awaiting supplies of food and medicine. Nine days after the hurricane struck southwestern Haiti as a Category 4 storm, the government and international aid organizations are stepping up assistance to those affected, although the precarious condition of roads in the hardest-hit areas is slowing down the process. The latest provisional figures released Tuesday by emergency management officials indicate that Matthew left 473 dead, 339 injured and 75 missing.



But sources from aid organizations and local authorities said last Friday that the hurricane killed more than 800 people. The United Nations, for its part, predicted Tuesday that the death toll would continue to rise but not reach 1,000.

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs says Matthew affected 2.1 million people, of whom 1.4 million, including 592,581 children, need humanitarian assistance.

It added that 750,000 people, including 315,000 children, will urgently require humanitarian aid over the next three months.

More than 106,000 students also are unable to attend class because the hurricane damaged around 300 schools and forced many others to be converted into temporary shelters.

On Tuesday, the World Food Program distributed 20 tons of food in downtown Jeremie, one of the cities hardest hit by Matthew, an operation backed by the UN Stabilization Mission for Haiti and the National Police.

More humanitarian assistance from different international organizations is due to reach Jeremie in the coming days, including an aid plane that arrived Wednesday in Port-au-Prince from Spain.

Besides needed deliveries of food and water to assist some 1.4 million people affected by the hurricane, an additional 60,000 people require urgent medical care.

The Haitian government and international aid groups are particularly concerned about a new cholera outbreak in the aftermath of the hurricane, which, according to the United Nations, has triggered the worst humanitarian crisis in the impoverished nation since the 2010 earthquake that killed some 300,000 people.

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