Half human...half soemthing else?

Well recently I was thinking of how scientists are creating ways to mix different fruits through mutation, etc. We have thought about the ability to change humans as well, creating all sorts of things. Now if this does happen and maybe it already is, what happens to the Church’s teaching on humans. Do we treat these…I don’t know a proper term…do we treat them as human (the ability to sin, to have eternal life, etc)

They’re already doign it, some scientists are creating a raft of hybrids, with pig, cow, and other animal DNA. Though, from my understanding they are just removing the pig DNA/nucleus and inserting human dna into the egg. From then they’ only tend to grow the embryo until about day 14 where it is then harvested and destoryed.

I think this sort of science really should be stopped. Countries like China don’t play by any code of morality and Lord only knows what’s growing in their labs. I think they’re playing with some very dangerous things and could end up creating some kind of “humanoid” hybrid.

If this would happen, I think it needs to be determined how much of them are human, and whether or not they have some form of ability to develop sentience. As for a soul, I’d leave that over to the mercy of God.

That’s why it needs to be stopped, we don’t need to be having a discussion on the rights of pig men 50 years from now.

They would have to have a human spirit, which could probably be determined if they had the ability to make moral choices, and things along those lines. But you’re right, THIS KIND OF TAMPERING HAS TO END NOW!

There are two questions, what the Church will say and what the courts will say. When it comes to the Church, I expect that the Church will have to deal with this in deciding when such a hybred is human and when not. There have been many new bioethical problems the Church has had to be facing. When it comes to the courts, if the courts decide that they are not human even when they have human powers of thought, it is very possible that such hybreds will be created as slaves and, for example, as sources for body parts when organ donors are needed. We as Catholics may have to battle against this.

The real question is when we create beings with 100 times our intelligence and they take over the world, will they give us any rights or will we be their slaves?

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