Half-million still without power after US ice storm




I am reminded of Carlin’s line (paraphrased)…

Half a million without power?

Actually, there are about 330 million Americans without power. They’re just not aware of it. :smiley:


We had a really bad ice storm in 1998, throughout parts of Quebec and Ontario:

The North American Ice Storm of 1998 (also known as Great Ice Storm of 1998) was a massive combination of five smaller successive ice storms which combined to strike a relatively narrow swath of land from eastern Ontario to southern Quebec to Nova Scotia in Canada, and bordering areas from northern New York to central Maine in the United States, in January 1998. It caused massive damage to trees and electrical infrastructure all over the area, leading to widespread long-term power outages. Millions were left in the dark for periods varying from days to weeks, and in some instances, months. It led to 35 fatalities, a shutdown of activities in large cities like Montreal and Ottawa, and an unprecedented effort in reconstruction of the power grid. The ice storm led to the largest deployment of Canadian military personnel since the Korean War, with over 16,000 Canadian Forces personnel deployed, 12,000 in Quebec and 4,000 in Ontario at the height of the crisis.[1][2]:16


Our family was relatively unscathed (half a day of no electricity) but others went without electricity for weeks and months, i.e., the images you will find on google should give you an idea of how bad things were.


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