Half of Americans morally opposed to abortion in most cases: Poll


A new poll indicates that half of Americans are morally opposed to abortion in most circumstances, even though more people identify as pro-choice than pro-life.

The Rasmussen Reports poll released on Monday found that 50 percent believe terminating a pregnancy is morally wrong most of the time, up 4 points from earlier this year.



This is good. I definitely feel like the tide is turning!


So much so that a number of the pro choice crowd believes it is wrong.

Indeed, 21 percent of Americans who identify as pro-choice believe abortion is morally wrong in most cases.


Venenerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen addressed the subject of surveys and polls in his video How to Think

If I might be permitted to make 3 points:

  1. The Washington Times report that half of Americans oppose abortions in most cases is based on a Rasmussen poll. That poll interviewed only 1,000 people. There are over 324 million people living in the USA.

  2. Similarly, a 2016 Ipsos poll claims that 6 out of 10 Canadians support abortion under any circumstances. That poll only interviewed 1,002 people. There are over 36 million people living in Canada. Furthermore , it was this same Global News outlet which has copyright on this exclusive poll.

  3. It’s also worth mentioning that many of the people who participate in certain polls and surveys get paid for doing so.



Polls with relatively small sample sizes can yield surprisingly accurate results, provided that they are made and distributed competently.


I’m only offering my own limited opinion. I wouldn’t hesitate to believe that, at the very least, a greater percentage of citizens in the USA would be less intimidated about giving their opinion about abortion than here in Canada - where the government really stifles the pro-life voice with aggressive political correctness. I believe the US citizens still have a tighter grip on freedom of speech than my fellow citizens here do.

Regarding accuracy, one case in point might be : In a recent election, way back at the beginning, didn’t all the polls indicate there was no way in hell that a particular candidate could ever become POTUS ? . . .then, as it progressed, the poll results changed.

Certain opinion polls can sometimes detect a prevalent societal mood, but moods do not remain static - they change. Individual human beings often appear unable to ever totally shirk the fickle factor. That frequently translates into “intangible” where particular behavioral predictions and opinion polls are concerned.

FWIW Venerable Bishop Sheen , in his video,encouraged people to ask 4 questions when considering surveys and their ilk:

  1. How many possible cases are there (How many cases could be tested) ?
  1. How many cases were tested ?
  1. Can you believe what they (those who were solicited) told you ?
  1. If it comes from an independent laboratory, who paid for the experiment ? (IOW who paid for the poll ?)


Those are all good points.


So are yours : they make me think. -:thumbsup:

Thank you, and God bless you.



I am disappointed it is still only half. That is discouraging to me.


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