Half of the Death Penalty and Universalism thread just vanished for no good reason


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I was following this thread and as shown in the thread, I asked the OP a question about what he was getting at.

OP politely responded with a clarification of his original post, which included the words “eternal d…tion”. I responded back with a post containing the same words he used and a four-letter word for where you go that isn’t Heaven, but I spaced that word out in hopes of it not getting sent to moderator queue.

All these posts initially appeared, but I am now looking back at the thread and I see that OP’s response to me and my response back to him are totally gone and it looks like other posts from the thread are suddenly missing as well.

There was nothing flagworthy going on in that thread, so I am guessing that instead of these posts with words like d… and h… being used in theological discussions getting sent to the Moderator Queue, something in the Discourse software is now just deleting them after some period of time.

Can you do anything to fix this issue, at least going forward? D… and H… and variations of same, regarding to God’s eternal punishment for us in Hades, have a theological significance to the discussion on this forum. They aren’t just swear words, and it’s a pain in the neck to have posts just vanish because they contain these words used in the proper way consistent with their dictionary meanings.


I didn’t even realize this was why it disappeared. Thanks for figuring this out Tis_Bearself :smiley:


Thanks for explaining that. I never would have figured that out. I don’t really know what a Universalist is, which is part of why I had to ask the OP to explain his original question.


Np. It’s something I’ve personally struggled with theologically. Nobody believes it except obscure scholars I’ve read. Some find it heretical and others don’t… :confused:


If it’s the belief that nobody goes to Hell, it’s perfectly plausible since we don’t have any definite knowledge who if anyone is in Hell, other than the devil and his demons, who are all former angels, not humans.

Oh well


Perhaps they were removed on purpose?


The OP got flagged for calling the Pope a Universalist apparently, which made all the responses to that post go away too.


As far as I know, the deletions would have to be approved by the Moderators.


Whole thread is locked now so it’s a moot point.


I’ve said too much already…


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