Half of US kids will get food stamps at some point during childhood

[/FONT]Half of US kids will get food stamps at some point during childhood, study says…**

**Stimulus money buys hot meals for seniors…

How sad.

This is suppose to be America… what happened?

Our children deserve better… they deserve an America that we had or better.

Simply tells me that the the food stamps program is nolonger directed at the poor.

To my surprise I recently learned our son qualified for the “reduced” lunch program at school (we said no). Our combined income is many times the poverty line.

yeah, I can see that. I am sure its out of control. I hope its that… I hope its not because of the decline in quality of life.

I started my own business last year. Times were tough. If I would have quit and got public assistance… I would have made more.

Rent, food stamps, utilities and even a check each month…oh and free healthcare.

No thanks.

I know a guy who has over 2k accumulated on his food stamp debit card thing.
‘Just dont deposit money for 2 months and show them 2 months bank statements and BOOM… you qualify’… his words. Single able body man… eating better than most.

It makes me so sad when people with glossy leather purses pull out a food stamps card and buy some fancy junk food for their kids. YOU DO NOT NEED FOOD STAMPS! :doh2: There’s so many who really need it!

My sil told me that at their public school ANYONE can get on the free reduced lunches. We are right smack in the middle of the income bracket. She told us to fill one out and we would get it. We never do.

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