Halifax’s free-money folk hero lands in psychiatric ward after handing out money to strangers



When I read stories like this, I am reminded of the Justina Pelletier case and why those in Government must be held to account in a serious way.


This is crazy.


They can stop you for a “wellness check”.:confused:

The day after the post, on Thursday around 1 p.m., Mr. Wright had just finished the four-hour drive from Halifax when RCMP officers stopped his car on a Charlottetown street to perform a “wellness check.”

This is another reason not to visit Canada.


Great story! Thanks for sharing!


Or Boston if your Doctors tell you to help treat your daughter (read Justina Pelletier).


I doubt they institutionalized him just because he was giving out money.

In-Palient is expensive and they just don’t take in anyone.

He must have been demonstrating that he was in a psychotic state or was a danger to himself or others.


Must have? Why must he have demonstrated he was in a psychotic state? Is it not possible that these people have deep seated perverted opinions? Are there not medical “professionals” who have committed heinous crimes that it could be possible that this is something that is their fault?

Perhaps he was dangerous, yes, but to say he “must have”, is not something any of us can say.

Furthermore, while I am a big believer that we are losing our privacy rights as citizens, I think medical professionals should be dispensed from protecting a patient’s privacy if the patient is saying that these people are incompetent.


I guess you opinion would be shaped on whether you start with a framework of trust vs. mistrust of mental health professionals.

I have worked in intake for inpatient psychiatric settings and know something of how they operate. Thus my comments above which are based on my personal experience.


You certainly would possess more knowledge than what I do about that however to be charitable I think it would still be anecdotal. No segment of society (doctors, priests, engineers) is totally immune from bad apples.

The best thing to do is to let time pass and more facts emerge.


At this rate you might as well stay in your home, i.e., things like this happen everywhere (to varying degrees).


That’s true. There are unscrupulous folks in every profession but getting someone admitted to a psych unit takes a whole group of folks. There are checks and balances regarding this sort of thing and it generally, at least in the west, tends to favor the patient- if they don’t want to be hospitalized.

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