Hall of Shame

Found this excellent Catholic blog called Hall of Shame which showcases those who have offended the Christian ethic.

Some recent entries are:

*  Jack Black, comedian
*  Eugene Robinson, Washington Post
*  John MacArthur Exposed
*  Levi Strauss & Co
*  Archbishop Donald Wuerl of Washington, D.C.


* Businesses and Organizations
* Catholic Organizations
* Catholic Personalities
* Governments
* Media Organizations
* Media Personalities
* Other Religious Personalities
* Political Personalities
* Websites

Who else would you nominate for this hall of shame and why?
Do you agree or disagree with any of the entries on the site?
Coincidentally on the hall of shame is this website for bad moderating and unethical email marketing practices…

I think it is great to log and document different instances of those who have offended the Christian ethic so we can keep our guard up.

I think that a parallel blog should be a Hall of Virtue… so if you have any of those let’s have them here too :thumbsup:

Levi Strauss?

Hey, is GE on the list? They decided that the lives of lab rats were more valuable than human embryos.

My nomination in the business category:
Calvin Klein–for the “edgy” ads bordering on heroin chic and child pornography.

Lets throw up there Wachovia and Citibank for supporting Planned Parenthood… then again, in the business/money industry, who doesnt?? :confused:

I’d disagree with the Jack Black nomination. His attacks seem more towards the fundamentalists factions of Christianity. I watched the first part of his movie Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny and the father of his character (JB) sounded like someone who’s read one too many anti-rock Chick Tracts. :\ Furthermore, that same movie (as well as some of his music vids) has him beating Satan in the end. :shrug:

I’d think it’d be better if they nominated Perez Hilton instead. I did search and his name didn’t even show up! I mean come on! How can they not include him? Everyone hates this guy!

Jack Black was nominated because during the VMAs he said a prayer to satan. Many of the audience held hands and prayed with him. In essence he cursed all of the bands he prayed for (it was for the heavy metal category) the full story is in the blog. I fully agree that his actions at the VMAs are cause for induction to the hall of shame…

That would be good one. Any article or website to back that up?

Yeah… there should be a list of all the companies supporting planned parenthood…

I noticed Catholic Answers Forum made the list in 2008

Why is the Bishop of DC on this list? What did he do?

I think we already have a Hall of Virtue… whatever the Church’s official list of Saints, Blesseds, Venerables and Servants of God is called, that would be it :slight_smile:

If Madonna (the singer) isn’t in the Hall of Shame we should demand a recount :frowning:

For refusing to deny Communion to pro-abortion speaker Nancy Pelosi…

Pff, sounds like more modern twisted humor if you ask me. It’s twisted and close to the line but I’m inclined to believe he didn’t really do that seriously. The guy obviously likes to parody things.

Had it been a freak like Marylin Manson then that’s when I’ll start rolling my eyes and turning off the TV.

Speaking of Manson, why isn’t he on the list? Come on, he should be up there with good ol Perez. They make a nice couple after all. :rolleyes:

In fact, it’s kind of weird for a site like that to be attacking CAF yet unable to at least put the most obvious choice of individuals first. :ehh:


I looked up the reasons. They were:

  1. They thought the marketing was unethical.
  2. Lack of moderation, that is, people are allowed to post here that are not Catholic

I think I will pass on the site. Those nominations were so silly, petty and sophmoric, I think I can put two and two together and figure out why CA was listed.

No doubt this post will earn CA another angry nomination for daring to defy them.

I actually agree on the marketing ethics… I don’t care much for CA’s fundraising methods and the emails I get from them. I have them sent directly to my trashcan. As far as the moderation is concerned. I’ve seen sites being more moderated than this one and I’m surprised that it isn’t moderated more given the nature of the forum.

As far as people who aren’t on there… I’m sure that they would make the hall of shame if someone cared to nominate them. There is a secion for nominations. The blog is kept up by one individual so I can understand why it isn’t a comprehensive listing as of now. that is why I posted it on here. I’m not affiliated at all with the blog but I like the idea and I wanted to get a more thorough listing of the hall of shamers. I already know about persons like Marilyn Manson and Madonna but I want to know of other people that aren’t as famous… or infamous for that matter. Especially when it comes to corporations.

NO… I’m sorry but I disagree. A public televised prayer to satan (oh… just kidding) isn’t my idea of benign. Satan has ways of deceiving people and how do we know that he isn’t using humor as a way to get people to worship him? by deceiving them that it is only a joke? Satan worship is not a joking matter and the deception here to the public is that it is a benign twisted sense of humour when it has the possibility of leading souls away from Christ.

I didn’t watch the VMAs but if I had I would have immediately switched the channel when that came on.

I’m not saying it was good. The whole joke itself was stupid. But come one, give the guy a break, it’s not like he rips Bibles in his concerts (unlike a certain psycho I know of).

Sorry but once you start calling the attention of individuals that nobody even knows about then you’re pretty much on your way to nitpicking people’s words in the manner of politically correct activists; not a good sign. I’d have to agree with those who are suspicious of this site of yours. Even if everyone knows about certain individuals already, it’s only common sense to put them first to reaffirm it. You don’t want them to believe that those individuals who have only made minor offenses are worse than the notorious ones by not even including the latter.

That may be a valid opinion. What I am saying, and should be dreadful obvious, is that these things are just an opinion and scarcely constitute an attack on the Catholic Church.

My goodness, his marketing problem was over the person he talked to on the phone. So he had a bad phone call. Maybe he got banned here. Now he wants to roll CAF in with this Rogue’s Gallery. If you want to talk about ethics, this is small-minded judgementalism at it’s worse.

Maybe I’m taking this blog differently than you. It’s a blog… of course it’s subjective. He does a good job of explaining why those people/companies/websites are on the hall of shame. It’s up to the reder to agree or disagree but at least you are informed and you can then make up your own mind. Also the hall of shame is for certain instances, people could change, etc. That a Bishop is there just means to me that he’s done a questionable thing but I’m not going to write him off as a Catholic Bishop. I’m going to use my discretion in what I do with the information presented on the Blog.

In my opinion secular companies uphold themselves to ethical marketing practices and it is a BIG deal. Being in marketing myself and a Catholic I hold CA to a higher standard than a secular website and that is why I would agree with CA being in the hall of shame for their marketing practices. I think it is shabby for them to do that when it’s not that difficult to do the right thing IMO.

And about small minded judgementalism… first you conjure up that he got banned then accuse him of being small minded and judgemental because of that? I’m sorry but that isn’t right either.

I’m sorry but I think you misunderstood me. I wasn’t talking about individuals nobody even knows about. I was talking about individuals I don’t know about. I didn’t know that the Bishop of DC refused to deny Pelosi communion… I didn’t know about Levi’s supporting the homosexual agenda etc. That’s what I mean. Madonna and Marilyn Manson are old news… and you talk of Perez Hilton. I know who he is but I know nothing about him. If he were on there then that would be new info to me. kwim?

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