Hallelujah, Illinois Supreme Court allows prolife pharmacists to file suit


Springfield, IL (LifeNews.com) – The Illinois Supreme Court last month gave pro-life pharmacists a victory when it determined that they can proceed with their lawsuit seeking to overturn a mandate Gov. Rod Blagojevich put in place. The governor’s order makes them fill all prescriptions, including those for the morning after pill.
The pharmacists objected to being forced to fill orders for the drug on both moral and religious grounds and because the Plan B drug can sometimes cause an abortion.
The state’s high court said the religious objections of pro-life health professionals must be considered by the Illinois courts and sent the case back to the trial court.
“This is a major victory for pro-life health care professionals who have been in legal limbo for years,” Francis Manion, a senior attorney for the ACLJ, told LifeNews.com.

Another thing we can thank the allegedly corrupt governor for!
Maybe now sanity and the conscience clause will once again come to Illinois. Let us pray!

[size=3]Wow, I would have to get another job. As a professional soldier that would be like an officer ordering me to shoot civilians. Well this is worse were talking about babies here. [/size]

I hope you guys drum him out of office.

[size=3]We need to pray about this.[/size]:signofcross:

Blago gets blasted in court.

In the opinion, the Illinois Supreme Court determined that “ . . . they [Gov. Blagojevich and other state defendants] have publicly stated that they will vigorously prosecute pharmacists with religious objections to drive them out of the profession and that a pharmacy must fill Plan B prescriptions without making moral judgments if it wants to stay in business.”

Manion said it is clear that Blagojevich is determined to force out of their profession pharmacists whose moral codes differ from his.

Yup. The IL Surpreme court did the right thing.

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