Hallmark Faces Backlash For Changing Lyric From ‘Gay’ To ‘Fun’ In ‘Deck The Halls’


I’m sooooooo sick of this PC garbage. More inside the link. What’s next, revising the theme song to The Flinstones?


Greeting card giant Hallmark said Thursday that it shouldn’t have changed the lyrics to “Deck the Halls” on a new holiday ornament that stirred a backlash from customers online.

The Kansas City, Mo.-based company has been defending itself after it began selling a miniaturized version of a tacky holiday sweater that changes the lyrics to the holiday carol. The ornament removes the word “gay” and emblazons the sweater with the phrase: “Don we now our FUN apparel!”


That’s just awkward. Really, really awkward.

It’s funny though, a quick google shows that both people who are against gay marriage and those who are for it agree that Hallmark made a mistake and that this is ridiculous.

I guess that kind of unity are what the holidays are all about:D


Wha? Why? l… jus… o bother let’s go eat some Freedom Fries.


And we’ll all feel FUN when Johnny comes marching home.


Many words have multiple meanings. This was a silly and unnecessary move by Hallmark.

As a side note, I recall working at at Roy Rogers Restaurant when I was in college. The decor included posters from many of his movies. One was entitled “The Gay Caballero.” Still gives me a chuckle when I think about it…


Um, is this some kind of joke? Like another poster said, words have multiple meanings. Removing a word from an old Christmas carol is ridiculous. Plain and simple.


I have to admit I bought the ornament for my son and never made the connection between the sweater and the song so the change went right over my head.


They should have just changed the whole song to “Fa la la la la la la la…” and kids wouldn’t have known the difference.


Did Hallmark have a hostile takeover by OCP? Quick, someone write (another) letter to Archbishop +Sample!


Yes, both liberals and conservatives would protest the change of wording, but probably for different reasons.


What shocks me are the people saying that they are done with Hallmark and that there should be a boycott. Really? Over a stupid try-not-to-offend-anyone mistake?

Honestly, yes, it’s silly. No, Hallmark shouldn’t have done it. But yikes, with today’s political climate, especially when it comes to gay rights, I can understand the company’s trepidation about using the word ‘gay’. While I don’t think it would, using it could in theory open them up to attacks from all sides.


Reminds me of a one-liner I heard on a Kingston Trio album: Show me a cowboy who rides sidesaddle, and I’ll show you a gay ranchero.

(I was so socially out of touch that I was in my 20s before I understood that joke.)


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