Halloween Apologetics

There are a few times a year when the anti-Catholics who blame the Church for everything from acne to tight underwear especially come out of the wood work. Two of these occasions are Easter and Christmas, where the secular media runs regular “specials” exploring the question of the “real Jesus.” Invariably, the “real Jesus” turns out to be an average, almost pathetic schmo who no one in their right mind would follow, let alone allow themselves to be martyred for.
The other time of year that brings in the *fundamentalist * critics is Halloween. They take great pains to show how it’s orgins are pagan and the Catholic Church, by instituting All Saints and All Souls Day on the same night, is pagan as well.

Most of this “Catholicism is pagan” hooey you can refute by seeing the articles elsewhere on the site. (see catholic.com/library/anti_catholicism.asp). As for the Halloween question, there is an article that came out a few years ago in Envoy Magazine called “Smashing Pumpkins” that addresses this well. It is available on line and can be accessed at envoymagazine.com/backissues/2.5/story1.html

Happy Halloween! :smiley:

Thanks. That was a good article. I point out to fundamentalists that they have done the same thing as Catholics by having “harvest day” parties on Halloween. They do this to provide a Christian alternative. Sounds like the same thing the Catholic Church has done for thousands of years.

That’s a good point. I heard an advertisement for one today by a local Protestant church. Kinda ironic.

Imatation is the greatest flatery.

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