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For the most part I’d definitely agree there about movies at least -DC’s adaptions by and large have not done justice to their properties. Superman isn’t boring at all it is just the writers often don’t know how to handle him. Someone like Grant Morrison does or a few others but nearly everyone gives in to this idea he is ‘boring’. But then again Morrison approaches the whole DC universe with a ‘I’m not ashamed of the wackiest bits of this universe’s history and will cheerfully use them for a story’ approach’. DarkClaw is from that crossover in the 90’s where Marvel and DC mashed their characters up, doubt we’ll see him much again, then again comic book publishers love to revisit things endlessly…

I for one though would like to see superhero movies go for a break for a bit myself as it’s become overkill, but they are a cash cow that keeps giving.

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I’m still waiting to see Joker…I own it but was warned to be ready for a dark movie and I have to be in the right mood to watch dark movies.

I loved Wonder Woman. My daughter and I went to the opening show and got all girly proud watching it.

I enjoyed the three dark Batman movies. Not the stories so much as the great acting and set designs.

The Superman movies from the first through recent ones were meh…I liked parts of them and didn’t like other parts…none were really good from start to finish.

I’ve enjoyed all the Marvel movies…of course, I was a fan before any were made. They weren’t all perfect but I honestly enjoyed all of them…and it’s completely due to my biases!

It is very dark yes.

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Yeah. It’s much less a superhero movie and much more a very dark psychological drama. But Phoenix does an absolutely stunning job in the role.

I also loved the Venom movie. That dude is my favorite comic character of all time, and I thought Tom Hardy did a great job; the whole thing comes off like a twisted “buddy-cop” film, which is as it should be, IMO.

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I still haven’t seen Venom yet…not for any reason other than I just haven’t got around to it…I should correct that! My son really liked it!

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