Halloween costumes for young teen boy--need ideas!


I have a rather shy young teen boy in middle school, going to a couple of Halloween parties. He is simply not the type to get overly dressed up! He doesn’t like to call attention to himself and feels embarrassed if he stands out. I’d really appreciate some simple, non-violent, non-gory costume ideas!


How about a pirate (a non-violent one ;))? Easy to do, was very popular last year because of Pirates of the Caribbean, common enough to not stand out…

Is there any popular movie or book character he would like to dress like? I say popular so it would be self-explanatory.

If not, maybe you can go to Walmart or some other place and pick out a cheap common costume


There are lots of benign costumes… like movie characters…
He could do something silly like Shrek? Or Star Wars? Or Pirates? These all aren’t gory and are fairly easy to find at Target for reasonable prices!


Back in ancient times–i.e., when I was a girl–a common costume for boys was the “hobo.” Dad’s oversized pants held up with a rope belt, a flannel shirt, beat up hat and some burnt cork rubbed on the face. (Or would this be considered politically incorrect today?)


After raising 2 boys… They tend to prefer hmmmm… less dressed up…

Karate gee…and bare feet (my personal favorite since they feel cool in this too)
football or basketball uniform (any sport will do)
vampire (debonair type) with black dress pants, white shirt, and a cape with hair slicked back.


How about a famous real person? Then he’d be wearing mostly ‘normal’ clothes. For example, a corduroy jacket and round glasses is Bill Gates.


YEAH! With lots of fake money coming out of all the pockets.


LOL…my brother used to be a hobo all the time!


Cute. Very cute…:slight_smile:


Hmmmm…I like the sport thing. That might fly with ds. Maybe I can dirty him up a little, like he just came off the field.
Yeah. My ds is like embarrassed to walk across the room these days…LET ALONE put on a costume. Poor kid. He’ll dress up and find that none of the other guys are!:o


Em and lifeisbeautiful,

We do have some pirate stuff. If nothing else, the accessories would be easy to take off, and then he’d just be in black pants and shirt.

Thanks all for the suggestions! Keep 'em coming…


FBI agent or something like that, just wear a black suit or black shirt/dress pants. He can make a fake ID badge to keep in his jacket/shirt pocket and only pull it out if someone asks him what he is supposed to be.

Old dirty t-shirt and sweatpants, messed up hair. He can be a game tester. :rolleyes:

Normal clothes and a hat that has the “Orkin” logo affixed to it. The Orkin Man.


hahaha!!! Reminds me of the time ds1 went into McDonalds in a white shirt, black pants and an ear piece for his 2 way radio… a bunch of unsavory looking guys took one look at him and high tailed it out of there… we called it his FBI look… it was too funny!!!


:rotfl: No way!!!


As God is my witness…

I think I should write a book about my parenting experiences… what do you think?


Bestseller for sure! :thumbsup:


“BlestOne’s Parenting Experiences: You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll taste your snotties!”


OMG!!! I just bust up laughing and almost peed myself… Wouldn’t be so bad if I were at home, but I am at work…


How about a tourist? He could wear a Hawaiian shirt, jean shorts, flip flops, sunglasses, and a camera around his neck.

My DH dressed like that for a Murder Mystery Dinner Party Game in high school; it was really cute!


My son used to like to be electronic devices for Halloween at that age…a washer (complete with a power cord and a bottle of Era), a hair dryer, a Nintendo.

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