Halloween is a sin?

Here in Brazil, a priest sayed on TV that Halloween is the favorite fest of the satanists. In fact, on Halloween the kids dress-up like monsters, skulls, ghosts, witches and devils. What do you American Catholics think about Halloween?


Judgments may vary …and things can be different in different places.

People can do things on any day that are sinful. Halloween is simply the eve of All Saints Day and can be celebrated perfectly reasonably and happily.

Apparently Brazilians take it more seriously than Americans. Here it just a good excuse to have fun and to perhaps annoy a few people. It was great fun when I was a kid. We never connect it with any thing sinister. This is not to say that we don’t have our share of odd balls who may regard it as a day for Satan. But for 99.99 % of us it is just a day of fun. Its a good day to watch Ichabod Crane in the evening and pop some popcorn.


Apparently, during the Middle Ages (I think), when evil spirits would come around, people would give them things to make them go away. This is where trick-or-treating came from. Growing up, we never ever celebrated Halloween. I’m not sure how I feel about it now, though.

The modern holiday as most celebrate it has little or nothing to do with anti-Christian beliefs or practices. It is a time to celebrate and share. I see nothing sinful in it, apart from pranks by those denied goodies, or those who simply find malice and vandalism fun.

I do wish that more emphasis was laid on the All Saints element–perhaps encouraging those dressing up to dress as saints.

There are also non-Christian neo-pagans who hope to return to the old Samhain. If that was the intent, it would be a sin for a Christian to participate.

Maybe thats the problem, americans dont take much of anything seriously, look at Christmas, it is popular for most to see it as a time to spend loads of money on gifts, and getting as many gifts as we can…just watch any tv commercial around Christmas time for proof of this, americans are generally conditioned to take the God/ religion out of events and holidays and instead focus on whats popular, getting lots of candy, gifts, etc.

Ask any young kids or even teens why they like Christmas, Id bet 98% of them will say getting new things is their priority, This is no coincidence imo.Same thing goes for Halloween…everything has been manipulated due to greed and retail owners trying to dump their products on everyone.

it is how people act on all hallows eve.

if you join in things of the occult if you join in satanic things. IS it good that kids dress up as Devils no, Ghosts nah not so bad, monsters nah not so bad, witches I stay away from that, skulls not so bad. But you could use this an opportunity to teach your kids more about all souls day. For the Church it is the vigil of all souls day and that is significant, there is no special mass but all of the traditions have become very secular. Just like how Christian and especially Catholic Christmas is but the secular world has taken it and run away with it where now even some protestants complain about it.

If you focus on the Catholic benefits of all hallows eve than it can be very fruitful for your family.

great article on this


In reality I don’t know if the children dress-up like devils, skulls, ghosts and witches, but I supposed that because I see something like that in cartoons with Halloween. :blush:

Way more than 2% are going to say that their favorite part of Christmas is spending time with extended family. Others like the decorations, songs, and general festive atmosphere. I don’t think very many would say “celebrating the birth of Jesus”, but they’re not as materialistic as you claim.

Sure, holidays in general are commercialized over here (except for maybe Thanksgiving, which is really just about family and food and maybe football), but that doesn’t mean there’s anything intrinsically wrong with dressing up in costumes and getting candy.

In any given year, I see way more spidermen and princesses than ghosts. I think I usually went as an astronaut or alien of some kind. :shrug:

Ghost and Witches I can believe

Devils, and skulls are much less likely.

I agree with you about Christmas. I just asked my 3 teenagers their favorite part - the boy said presents but both girls said the festive family atmosphere. After we discussed it the boy changed his to our family traditions, which include presents but also salvation army bell ringing, gingerbread house decorating, mass, lots & lots of food, singing carols, etc. etc.

Halloween is a harmless holiday where kids get candy and dress up. I don’t think anyone takes it seriously - it’s just fun.

It may be different in Brazil… :shrug:

Yep, that is the common sentiment in the US, maybe that is part of the problem?

Part of what problem? I don’t understand. :confused:

So I’m quoting this because you stated the problem.

I agree that some don’t take it seriously - but I’m sure that is true of people in general, not just Americans. Our church is overflowing at Christmas - literally standing room only for the special music things they have planned and the masses. I think people come back to their roots and recognize it’s IS a religious holiday. That’s a good thing. There’s always the hope it will stick and carry on throughout the year.

And yes, Halloween has become commercialized with all sorts of garbage in the stores, but I don’t think it’s really caught on with the public despite the retailers efforts. A lot of that decorating junk is still on the shelf the day after Halloween.

As I said - it’s just fun. Is there something wrong with fun? I still don’t completely understand what you believe is the problem with celebrating these holidays? :shrug:

As **mikekle **stated, that is a problem. I looked upon it like that for years. Then I became influenced by evangelical Christianity that sometimes suggests that the very idea of dressing up as goblins etc is problematic for a Christian.
We have to remember that we are fighting a spiritual war, day after day and minute by minute. That is why we remember evil on the eve of the Feast of All Saints (immediately followed by All Souls).

         **[Halloween: A Catholic View]("http://catholicism.about.com/b/2013/10/24/halloween-a-catholic-view.htm")**

The Reality of Evil Points Us Toward the Good

But there’s a reason why we dress up as ghouls and goblins on the night before we celebrate the feast of All Saints Day, and, despite the claims of supposed satanists and Wiccans and anti-Halloween Christians like Jack Chick, it’s actually a Christian reason: We believe in a world that extends beyond the one that we can see, a world in which angels and demons do contest for the souls of men, and the Prince of Lies grows in power by convincing people that he does not exist.

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Lastly, I’d like to point everyone to Catholic Answer’s resource. It too may answer some questions, or at least provide some additional information should anyone ever need to defend the importance of Halloween:
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I think that here it is the Hallow E’n before All Saints Day. When is the evening before All Saints day in Brazil?

I agree. Right now I am in my front porch distributing candy to the visiting neighborhood kids. One of them, a little girl, was dressed as Mother Teresa.


This. Although if one is looking for sin, there’s the matter of falling into too many of the leftover “fun size” candy bars…thing is, the “temporal punishment” hits you at the same time!

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