Halloween movies...have u seen The Ring?

This is sort of a 2 question thread, so please forgive me if I didn’t post this in the right section…but I think it belongs here.

First, my family and I would like to watch a few spooky movies during this weekend, as this is a Halloween tradition…I was wondering your thoughts on The Ring? (the movie about the girl in the well) I have gotten a few ‘reviews’ from coworkers who said…‘DON’T RENT IT…IT’S TERRIFYING!’ (And these are comments from adults) I am leaning away from it, but curious if anyone on here saw it, and what did you think?

Second…can watching horror movies be construed as somehow something immoral? Not that viewing them is immoral, but when there are better things to be watching, maybe it can be construed that way? We have always enjoyed Halloween in my family, as we look at it as a fun time of year…ghouls and goblins…all in how you look at it, I suppose.

Your thoughts are appreciated…thanks!:slight_smile:

I don’t know about the immorality aspect- I’m sure that unless we spend 24-7 in Church prayer, there are always better things we could be doing. However, we all live and move and have our beings, eat junk food, drink beer, and watch frivolous things. “The Ring” is indeed creepy. Not as bad IMO as “One Hour Photo” (one of the creepiest movies I’ve ever seen), but it’s up there.

Speaking of scary movies, here’s a New York Times review of some creepy classics that the writer watched with his 7-year-old, and what he and his son thought. I might look up a few of these myself.

Joy of Fright: Old Chillers That Should Scare (but Not Terrorize) the Kids

I hear the original Japanese version of The Ring, Ringu, is scarier. However, if you’re not into reading subtitles, you’ll probably want to skip it. I only saw parts of The Ring so I don’t know what’s so terrifying about it. One movie that really disturbed me though (I even watched it in the middle of the day) was The Grudge. x_x I will not be watching that one in the original Japanese. >D

watching mariah carey trying to act in glitter is scarier :stuck_out_tongue:

And yes, it is quite scary.

Yep, “Ringu” was definitely creepier than “The Ring”. The Japanese “Grudge” was also extremely creepy, although I seem to remember that it was kind of hard to follow in spots.

I don’t think watching horror movies is immoral, though movies like Hostel and Saw might be a different story.
How old are your kids? The Ring is indeed scary. It’s one of the cleaner horror movies out there I think. No needless sex or cussing. Same with the grudge.
I like the old horror movies, the ones that did not depend on cgi or gore. One that I really loved and really freaked me out when i first saw it was The Changeling with George C Scott. Thats a classic.

Thanks for your input everyone. My kids, child of God, are 11 and 15…and we looked everywhere for this movie tonight, and no one had it in stock…or even sold it anywhere! LOL (yes, we were thinking of buying it, because no one here had it for rent) We can’t seem to find too many ‘good’ scary types ones on cable…like on demand or anything. I don’t want to see the Excorcist for the up-teenth time, and I don’t think that is a good one for my 6th grader. We probably will settle on The Number 23, with Jim Carey…have you seen that one? Looks creepy…but not too horrific. I did hear that The Ring was bone chilling frightful!:eek:

Personally, I don’t like horror movies myself, but if I did watch them, I’d stick with the PG-13 ones that don’t rely on the blood and gore. Signs, Sixth Sense, maybe The Grudge.

Young kids should NOT be seeing movies like Saw (which was originally NC-17) and similar “slasher” films.

For what it’s worth, the Ring is the one movie I’ve seen that left me feeling as if I had been worshiping Satan. I do not recommend it at all. The problem is not that it’s “scary” but that evil triumphs. Or rather, the fact that it’s a very effective (yes, very scary) horror movie in which evil triumphs. This is an evil movie. Do not see it. That’s my opinion, for what it’s worth (and I rarely speak this way about movies).

Have you seen the Sixth Sense? Or anything by Shyamalan? I wouldn’t recommend Sixth Sense for kids, but it’s a great movie.

You could try some of the older horror movies.


I read a summary about it recently, and I thought the same thing, without seeing even the trailer…sounds like no matter how many people try to ‘help’ the child in the movie, she wins. I might just take your advice…I thought tonight, ‘how odd that we can’t find it anywhere.’ It’s like God was trying to tell us something.:blush: Thanks for your thoughts.

DH and I watched The Number 23 - it was… weird, not as good as I had hoped it would be (of course they always show the best parts in the movie trailers).

As far as the Exorcist - I am absolutely TERRIFIED at that movie, ever since I was little. I’m a sissy, but even now at 33 I cannot watch that movie! :bigyikes:

I have seen 6th sense, and frankly…I was very scared from that. I have always been the type to watch horror movies with a pillow blocking may face, and the screen of the tv…so, my husband will often say…‘why are we watching this movie?’ lol

I don’t want to watch something with a message of evil ‘winning.’:frowning:

Yes! I agree! Her walking down the stairs, in that one scene? All twisted up like, on all fours? Yikes…run for the hills! I’m not watching that one anymore!!!

I did like Scream, and Blair Witch…BW really scared me, actually.

OK, imagine a version of Sixth Sense in which the kid never manages to help the ghosts find peace, but instead the ghosts kill everyone except the kid and his mother, who escape by helping the ghosts kill more people.

That’s basically the plot of the Ring. And I don’t care that I spoiled it!


Ew. That sounds horrible. Here’s a question, did the mother of the girl who is in the well…put there because the mother knew she was doing evil, and wanted to prevent her from killing others? That was somewhat the gist of what I got from the summary (the spoiler) I read. I don’t mind that you spoiled it here, either!:smiley:

The Ring is very scary movie. If you have kids, I don’t think you want to watch it with them. My sisters and wife have not seen the movie and will possibly not.

don’t watch the skeleton key then. the voodoo part didn’t bother me, but the way evil “wins” really did.

I still haven’t seen all of the 6th sense, but I know what happens (my husband spoiled me). I remember when my in-laws watched that movie with the kids that were still at home. my youngest sis-in-law (who was about 8 at the time) was thoroughly scared and to this day doesn’t like to hear the words, “I see dead people.” I’m still not sure why they let her watch it, my mother-in-law is usually pretty strict about what they watch.

How about Signs? I liked that one and thought it was pretty scary. But my all time scare me to death movie is The Innocents starring Deborah Kerr. It’s based on Henry James’s short story The Turn of the Screw and it’s about a governess who realizes that the children she is taking care of may be possessed by the spirits of their former governess and the gamekeeper.

Another scary one is The Woman in Black. But that one is very hard to find.

I agree with your coworkers. Don’t watch it, it’s terrifying!! Year later I’m still freaked out about it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the only thing that would be immoral about watching violent or scary movies might be the images that might stick in the mind. Sometimes I wonder if people who watch a ton of scary movies, or write or produce them, have a problem. If something (like The Ring) disturbs me years after watching it, I think it may be immoral.

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