Halloween movies...have u seen The Ring?

This movie is awesome! Scary without being really graphic scary, really suspenseful. Good recommendation.

A couple of posters have mentioned Signs. I really like that movie: kind of scary but more suspenseful, and I thought that the cast was terrific. Lots of humor to break up the scariness. Great story of regaining faith, too. :thumbsup:

We did see Signs years ago in the theater…it was great. Suspenseful, and somewhat funny. Light hearted.

Ok…um…er…we found a Blockbuster who had The Ring…we debated over it…thought about it…talked ourselves in and out of it…and then, we just decided to rent it. We watched it this afternoon. Quite frankly, it reminded me of one long Marilyn Manson video, if any of you are familiar with his ‘work.’ I don’t listen to MM, but in times past, I have run across his videos during the wee hours of the morning, flipping through the channels…ugh. Same types of warped images…worms…flies…things up close and then moving by very fast…random images…dark and grey…but scary. Creepy. His videos always left me feeling creepy…even if I was just surfing through.

Same thing with this movie…the plot seemed good, but in the end…I didn’t get it. Why did the blond woman live, just because she made a copy of the tape? Does anyone who saw this movie understand that?

I will say, it was very chilling…creepy…suspenseful, and I had a pillow covering half my face nearly throughout the movie…so did my daughter. :o Anyways…I should have listened.:rolleyes: I do think that the girl crawling out of the tv set, was somewhat funny. I mean…was that an illusion? Was she real? Strange. Do not rent this movie, and watch it alone…and don’t watch it if you live alone…its images are troubling.

Anyways…I should have listened.:blush:

The Ring is the only movie that has ever scared me, but it makes up for all the other ones that failed in that it really has psychologically scarred me for life.

It seems people are either extremely terrified by it or find it laughably bad.

I’ll explain the story for you (spoilers):

In the end, Rachel lived because she made a copy of the tape. Samara spares you, but in being spared you’re perpetuating the curse.

More spoilers.

Anna and Richard Morgan were a married couple who raised horses. After trying to conceive many, many, MANY times with no luck, Anna adopted Samara. Her origins are left mysterious.

Immediately upon arrival of baby Samara to the island, things start going wrong. The Morgans’ horses go mad, fisherman cannot find decent catch, people get sick, etc.

Samara even begins slowly driving the Morgans mad, inserting disturbing imagery into their minds.

The Morgans take Samara to a psych ward where doctors are amazed to find that she can burn images into paper and never sleeps. No progress is made.

They come to the realization that they have a demonic child and one day Anna takes Samara out to a well where she proceeds to suffocate her, smash her on the head with a rock and dump her down said well.

Samara survives for 7 days before dying.

Stricken with grief over having killed the daughter she wanted so badly to love, Anna commits suicide, leaving behind an embittered Richard.

Eventually a mountain lodging place is built on the area of the well, in particular one cabin built directly over it.

A group of teens rents the cabin and attempt to record a football game on their television with a VHS tape. When they watch the tape it’s something different.

Many disturbing images, all related to the suffering Samara went through, have replaced the game.

The kids are obviously freaked out and immediately after the tape is over they get a phone call telling them they have 7 days to live.

7 days later they all mysteriously die, their faces warped.

One of the victims is the niece of journalist Rachel. She begins her investigation by talking to some of the nieces friends who mention the mysterious tape and the trip to the cabin.

Rachel drives to the cabin in question and notices a strange videotape. It is the tape. Rachel watches it and gets the same phone call.

Over the course of the next 7 days Rachel digs up information on what appears to be a victimized child reaching out from the grave for help.

In the end, Rachel finds Samara’s remains in the well and believes her soul has found peace.

But it’s actually the opposite. Samara is a vengeful spirit.

thank you for this! Here is a question…was the tape that was circulating then, an urban legend…a tape that was made in the past…by someone else? (perhaps Samara) OR was it supposed to be the football tape the kids made? (modern day) If the kids made the tape, then how could it be an urban legend? Am I overanalyzing enough?:smiley:

I’m sorry you are psychologially scarred…whatever do you mean by that? You can’t get the images out of your mind??:frowning:

Not at all. The Ring is a deceptively simple movie, there are many layers to it.

I think you misunderstand.

Remember in the flashbacks when Samara was in the psych ward being questioned by the doctors. They hold up what appear to be x-rays with childs drawings and they ask her how she makes them.

Samara: I don’t make them, I see them… and then… they just… are.

So when the kids are in the cabin they insert a blank VHS tape. But because the cabin is right over the well, Samara uses her power to overwrite the game and inserts her visions.

I just mean the movie…does something to me. It horrified me when I first saw it, of course. But more than a movie should.

I’m simultaneously drawn to it and afraid of it.

The Ring is on the list of the 20 stupidest movies I have ever seen. Wish I’d seen this earlier and warned you!

For a good scary night…

The Others
The Shining (either the original OR the re-make)
The Omen (the re-make was good, it kept to the original)
Psycho (again, the re-make with Vince Vaughn is good)
Interview With A Vampire

Exorcism of Emily Rose - but NOT for the kids.

How interesting the opinions of whoever watches this thing…! ha I was contemplating seeing the ring two, but like you tom, i did not like those images. that dreary setting…grainy film…scary images popping up in the tape…i like on the edge action, but not warped and twisted horror films…

kage_ar–why did you think it was stupid? even after all the spoilers?? doesn’t it sound so fascinaaaaaating now? :smiley:

Don’t bother with The Ring Two, it was terrible. Not scary, dumb story.

My teen niece was visiting right after it came out on DVD - she said I HAAAADDDD to watch it, it was the scariest thing ever. Blah Blah Blah. Waste of time and $3. Predictable, banal, silly, shall I go on :slight_smile:

We like to watch old scary movies. Even with the kids. The Birds, Psycho, The Blob. They love this time of year when we make it a point to pull out the old scary movies. There’s something extra creepy about black and whites.

DS and I curled up and watched Creepshow on AMC. They are running some of the cool classics!

What about “Nightmare Before Christmas”? No, it’s not scary, at all, admittedly, but it’s fun and sort of spooky in an enjoyable way. I remember watching it when it first came out (I was 13) and I loved it, so I’d guess your kids would like it. Plus, they’ve re-released it into theaters in 3-D, though I guess it has a new soundtrack with those punk/emo-ish bands (umm, Panic at the Disco is one of them…I loathe that music, so I have limited knowledge). Then again, you could rent it for about 1/4 of the price of a movie ticket.
I just watched “Nosferatu”, the silent vampire movie, and it was really eerie. Your kids would likely crack up at it instead of shrieking, though. I’m a wuss.
There were some good ones in the 70s, but I find myself not able to think of any at the moment that aren’t gross.
I second “The Innocents” though.

I don’t think the music in the movie was changed at all, it’s just the re-released score that has a few covers.

I hate Panic at the Disco too, but it has a great cover of Sally’s Song by Fiona Apple.

Oh that makes me happy. I’m still not sure I’ll spend $10 to see it, but I like to know that future generations won’t see some weird, music video version. :smiley:

The cover sounds spectacular, and I haven’t even heard it yet!

Here ya go.

My kids LOVE Nightmare before Christmas…!:thumbsup: I actually like Disturbia for a more modern day type ‘spooky’ movie…just enough thrill, but no gore or weirdness…

Ugh, how anyone can be scared by The Ring is beyond me… it was one of the stupidest movies I’ve ever seen… and I’ve seen some stupid ones.

Go rent The Sixth Sense or something that’s even moderately scary…
I’ve heard 1408 is good. I may be seeing that on Halloween… Probably not good for kids though.

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