Halloween- Nude runners in Boulder Colorado

This is sad because there are so many little children are out trick or treating. Why this on Halloween night?

Halloween marks the 10th anniversary of the Naked Pumpkin Run, and organizers and participants are gearing up for another brisk night of in-the-buff fun downtown…

Since then, the event has grown - 150 people participated last year - and spread to locales such as Seattle, Phoenix and Bloomington, Ind., according to the run’s Web site.


Naked pumpkins, I’m fine with that.

Naked people in public, not so much.

The solution is simple.Arrest them and charge them with public indecency.Why do elected authorities wink at this kind of peurile nonsense?A night in jail coupled with a hefty fine is just the ticket.I personally feel that public humiliation such as a term in the stocks would be most appropriate.These idiots have no respect for themselves or us.

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