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Hello! I don’t know if I’m just being scrupulous, but I had to ask. Is it disrespectful, in any way, to dress up as a Catholic Nun for Halloween? I don’t plan on dressing up in anything revealing that would, in any way, mock nuns. I am thinking of wearing a long wool dress and a homemade veil. I am going out trick-or-treating with my younger siblings, and I also am discerning a vocation. I feel a beautiful way to show reverence towards all the wonderful Saints, it would be nice to dress in something religious. Thank you for your thoughts!

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Thats seems like a great idea, as long as youre not going out for Halloween with other sacrilegious costume and misbehaving trick or treaters. But given what you wrote, Im sure thats not an issue. God bless for being open to a vocation and for your willingness to witness to your faith. That is awesome. Have a joyous All Hallows Eve!

I assume you’re talking about something like this (as opposed to the “naughty nun” type of nun costume)

h/t to Fr Z (“Getting All Hallows Eve right!”)

No, I don’t see anything wrong with the above type of nun costume.

IMHO it kind of depends on what the other siblings are wearing - everything in context I reckon. Personally I think an hour in church praying for the Holy Souls to be more appropriate.

I always try to take a common sense, middle-of-the-road approach to things like
this. A nun costume is fine–whether or not you feel you have a vocation. A “sexy nun” or a “witch nun on a broom” costume is disrespectful. Though the truth is, I personally doubt you’d go to hell even for the two totally tasteless costumes I mentioned. I’ve seen pregnant nuns on Halloween and all kinds of things. I was a little annoyed to be sure–but mostly all the costumes showed was the totally lame ignorance of the person in the costume. Some people dress to shock on Halloween. I disagree with that approach—but whatever…:shrug:

Without permission, I won’t post the pic, but a cousin is going as the guy Mary appeared to who is the subject of Our Lady Of Guadeloupe.

Juan Diego I Believe.

Great costume with the painting of Mary and a pile of roses at the feet.

Now that sounds COOL~ It sounds like a hard costume to make too–and it might be interesting to ask him how many people knew who he was supposed to be! I hope everyone would–but I doubt it.:thumbsup:

I am going to be honest here and I am not looking to offend anyone, but it might be worth it to consider what an outsider would think.

Frankly, if I saw someone in a nun costume on Halloween I would assume that they were trying to poke fun at Catholicism. Even if the nun was not pregnant or sexy, I would still think that it was a joke. People dress up on Halloween for their own entertainment and to entertain others. No one dresses up to show reverence or respect, or at least the ones that do are a very small minority. So, I would assume that someone dressed as a nun is either mocking Catholicism, or mocking nuns/virginity. I’m not telling you not to, but I just want you to be aware of what a non Catholic might think. And I think that my assumption would be a pretty common one.

That would be my gut reaction. The person would have to be 12 or younger and at a Catholic school or “Pumpkin Mass” for it to seem innocent.

Thank you for your input everyone. I decided against it this time around. I hope you all hand a blessed All Hallows Eve!

People may not dress up to show reverence per se, but I don’t think it’s always about making fun of people, either. There was just a recent mention of a runner, Lolo Jones, making snide comments about a girl who dressed as her for Halloween. The general consensus was that the girl obviously admired Lolo. Same for my sons who dress as Spiderman and army guys every year. This is what they love. They’re not making fun of it at all.

I’m not BlueEyedLady but I will reply as I agreed with her.

No, people may not be wearing the costume to show reverence or to make fun. I agree with you and I bet BEL does too but the point is that clergy and religious sisters are not the subjects of respect at this time. As I said before, I haven’t ever seen those costumes worn by an adult or near adult who intends to do so respectfully or wanted to avoid wearing something silly or scary. Kids on the other hand are different and can get away with it especially if they attend a Catholic school or are trick-or-treating with siblings dressed as saints or something.

I’m curious what kind of snide remarks were said about the girl who dressed as Lolo Jones. I read on another favorite forum that an acquaintance didn’t know who the character was and was emailed a picture of the character. The person received a reply back that she was too “curvy” to be her. What? It’s a costume!!!

The filthiest, most offensive, most outrageous jokes that people tell aren’t about Spiderman or Lolo Jones. Yeah, kids dress as things they admire. But the woman who chooses to dress as a nun is just not going to be perceived the same way as a 7 year old boy who wants to be Aaron Rodgers for Halloween.

:thumbsup: You beat me to it by 2 seconds.

Even that picture posted earlier with the group of kids dressed religiously would make me wonder. If they came to my door of course I would be complimentary, polite, and give them candy. But when they left my husband and I would be trying to figure out if they were dressed that way out of reverence, or if their parents were just egregiously offensive people who thought that dressing their kids like that was their idea of a joke.

I’m not trying to be cynical or insulting, but it is Halloween and people do by and large suck. (Ok, maybe that is a little cynical). But there are people who think that having a dummy dressed as Obama hanging from a tree in their front yard is a perfectly funny and appropriate Halloween joke, so you just have to be careful.

To be brutally honest - I do not believe that any Christian person should be celebrating Halloween fullstop!

do some research into the history of Halloween - then take it to prayer -

Should Christians be involved???

It is not “just a bit of fun”

Obviously I have known a very different group of people. How very sad. I’m glad I’ve chosen the circles I have.

I would like to make clear that I do not have friends that think that it is ok to dress as religious figures for Halloween or pretend to lynch the president in the front yard. I can be aware that these people exist without making them a part of my life.

Did you say that with Effie Trinket’s accent? I should be insulted by your presumptions but I’m choosing to be amused instead at what you think my friends are like. I needed a good laugh. :smiley:

My wife made our 6 yr. old daughter a costume like St. Theresa, the Little Flower. She wore it on Halloween night at our Charismatic Prayer Group and everyone was blessed by seeing her dressed as a saint instead of a hideous character! :thumbsup: :angel1:

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