:smiley: I know it won’t be for a while, but what is your family doing for Halloween this year, if anything? What is the Church’s stance on Halloween? Do you decorate, take your kids trick or treating, watch horror movies, dress your kids in costumes? Sorry if this is already a thread!

Well, my family is fine with celebrating Halloween just as long as you don’t celebrate it in it’s historical way. Remember Christmas and Easter were both originally Pagan holidays until the church adopted them and assigned Christian meanings and practices to the holidays. We don’t know quite yet what we are doing for Halloween, I am being a train conductor and we haven’t figured out what my hubby is going to be. We will probably go to a party or something. I trick or treated as a kid and if I had kids I would take them trick or treating. I know many people will flip out on me for celebrating Halloween, but this is all I am saying.

Nice :thumbsup:

Why WOULDN’T you let your kids trick or treat or dress in costumes? I can remember the years, I went trick or treating growing up dressed as a cowboy, Casper the Friendly Ghost and Darth Vader.

I know some people=(Christians) who simply do not like Halloween, because of its bad connotation. But yes I always went trick or treating too.

My kids are going as a Pirate and Madeline this year; hopefully their costumes turn out cute! I need to start sewing next week.

We do Halloween and All Saint’s Day at school.

My family is celebrating Halloween like the majority of Americans. I see no moral questions regarding Halloween.

I believe that some Catholic reticence to the holiday may be due to Evangelical infection in the American Catholic mindset.

Well, my children are adults so I won’t be taking them trick-or-treating. :slight_smile: Our street doesn’t seem to have too many children, but I will still carve a jack-o-lantern and buy a ridiculous amount of candy. The things is I went out as a child and my children did also, so I think it would be stingy of me not to at least put a bit of effort for the children that will come.

I thought it would be fun to dress up at work. I cut grass, so how about I go as business casual… :smiley:

My family is too old to go trick-or-treating. Instead, we carve Jack-o-lanterns and read scary stories by candle light. (Also, we eat lots of candy!) I think there is something comforting (especially for Christians) in being able to face the reality of death. And, the eve of All Saints Day is the perfect time to remember that although we have died with Christ in our baptism, we will live forever with Him with the saints.

Have fun being SCARED!! :eek: :bigyikes: :hypno: :getholy: :grouphug:

My baby girl is going to be 7 months on Halloween. I can’t wait to take her trick-or-treating.
I think we’ll just go to our neighbors house and the house across the street so they can see her looking cute as a Cat.

I’m all for Halloween and used to love going out and making my own costumes.

My poor husband was born into a Protestant household and his mother though Halloween was the Devil’s work. They really did lock the doors, turn the lights out and prayed for the people who were out trick-or-treating. He was never allowed to go out on Halloween.

I felt really bad for him. I’m not sure how she’ll feel about us taking her Grand-daughter out but she hasn’t said anything yet.

I’m probably gonna carve some pumpkins, hand out candy to trick or treaters, and maybe dress up. Not sure what I’m dressing up as though.

So far my plan is horror movies and handing out candy.

All i’ll do is do some decoration, make jack’o laterns, and when my wittle sister gets home after trick or treating, “Borrow” some of her candy :rolleyes:

Our LO is going to be just a few days away from her first birthday when Halloween rolls around.

I’m not 100% sure what we’re doing. We live on a busy street with no sidewalk so our doorbell *never *gets rung. It looks like Peanut and I will go to my mom’s house. Her town is a happening place for children in costumes. We’ll either push her in a stroller around town or she’ll be the little helper for whoever has candy duty…or both.

The hardest thing is figuring out what her first costume should be.

I love Halloween! We decorate a lot, and celebrate all of October. We will be going to a local pumpkin patch/corn-maze that donates to CCS sometime in the month. I make a big deal and make spooky food and treats. I also make mulled cider for the grown ups. We always trick or treat with the kids. I dress up every year, and this year I will be Effie Trinket fro The Hunger Games. My oldest son will be a penguin, my younger son Wolverine. My older daughter a snow princess, and my younger daughter a witch.

We have some simple fun at Halloween with grandkids. It is just a candy, costume time. But we also make sure to attend Mass for All Saints Day, this year Thursday 11/1.

I celebrate Halloween by asking “Which Witch is Which?” And then I look at myself in the mirror to see something REALLY frightening! Then I go out disguised as someone who really gives a rip about the whole idea of Halloweenie.:rolleyes: Basically it’s just October 31, the day before the REAL holiday of All Saints Day.:angel1:

I will be taking my daughter trick-or-treating for holloween. This years costume is Rapunzel. We will most likely go to my friends house since where we live there are no other neighborhood kids.

I remember one year someone gave me white sweat pants & a white hoodie jacket for my 6 year old son. I turned it into a dalmation puppy outfit. Sewed two black socks to the hood for floppy ears, and black spots all over it! He was warm & adorable. He loved it sooo much he wore it all winter long. Now my Dalmation puppy is heading off to college!

We will set up the firepit in the driveway and have roasted hotdogs and chili. We will carve a jack-o-lantern and hand out candy to the kids that come by to visit. Probably we will eat alot of candy ourselves. Our nieces will come by to show us their costumes.

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