Halo and Christianity

I’m sure all of you gamers know about Halo. It’s awesome. But I’ve head theories concerning religious undertones within the series. Aside from their obvious obsession with the number 7, (heheheh…) do any of you who play the game have any theories?

I’ve only played it a few times, but I did notice a bunch of Gregorian chant. I’m not sure whether I like it because it means Gregorian chant is still alive in Western culture and new generations are growing up hearing it, or dislike it because sacred music has been given a very secular use.

Don’t know enough about the senario and all to comment on that.

The Halo wiki has a large list of religious references in Halo:
I assume that they were just used the way Avatar: The Last Airbender used Buddhism or Hinduism to characterize the world, and not because they have a particular message or agenda. I only played the first Halo game, but I did like it. A friend had an Xbox so when my friends and I were at his house we had plenty of fun 4 player deathmatch games.

If Halo becomes more important to a person than Christ, then it’s just another form of idolatry.

I apologize if I came off like that…I certainly hope I don’t put ANYTHING before Christ, most certainly not a video game. I was just wondering if there were any references within the game itself.
I’m very new to the forums. I’m really sorry, I’m just not sure exactly how things work around here…I guess like other forums, but with a much more Catholic sense and tone.

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