Haloween and Easter


So first I wanna make sure Im clear. I celebrate Easter season as the Resurection of our Lord, I do. AND I celebrate All Souls Day, and I AM NOT claiming these catholic holy days are evil, they arent theyre holy. BUT Ishtar, a pagan holiday Easter got its name from is. It celebrated the god of fertility and sex. NOW Halloween is a Druid pagan holiday where druids went around taking food from ppl, and demons are celebrated. SO…why are our holy days on these evil ones? WHY"?? we have 365 days to choose from WHY these??? And why do we go along with a secular culture that is bringing back pagan aspects, like bunnies for easter, trick or treating and demons for halloween? why do we go along with the evil days? And lose sight of the holy ones, ESPECIALLY on Halloween. Thank you for the answers.


I wouldn’t say those days are evil. Many of those religions chose their important celebrations to coincide with important seasonal changes such as the equinoxes. It was how time was kept, and people knew when to plow/sow/harvest/etc. Those gods such as Ishtar are not real, they have no power over you, and so there should be no reason to designate a day as ‘theirs’, and treat it as if it were bad.


OK, makes sense. But I will argue that any “diety” thats not God is demonic, and halloween is esentially an occultish holiday. If we just ignore them…well OK. Oiji board dont have power over us anymore than these days do BUT WE STAY FROM THEM. If we have the holy days on these days fine, but If they arent worshiping God theyre evil and even if Ishtar isnt a demon its just air, then the secular traditions STILL distract millions from the real celebrations, especially on All Souls Day. Why do Christian parents encourage these distractions?


Well, I see Trick or Treating as harmless, and enjoy a good Halloween party. I also make sure to attend the All Souls Day Mass. I don’t think doing something else on All Souls Day is demonic, particularly if it is completely divorced from all pagan ritual (as contemporary celebrations of Halloween are.) Just like I don’t think letting the kids have an Easter egg hunt on Easter is demonic, or detracts from Easter itself. But that’s just my view on it :shrug:


Well alright. I suppose I dont wanna rant on too much. I dont mean to criticize the secular/pagan side of it, I just wanna put more of an emphasis on it’s real meaning. If we did that, just put more of an emphasis on Christ, idk before an easter egg hunt tell the kids the eggs represent the tomb or something. I just think scociety and the Church could improve. What I call “demonic” is some teenager who thinks, hey what the heck, lets hold a seance at the halloween part and summon a demon. thatll be fun. If we put more emphasis on Jesus than we do now, without seen mentioning pagan oith what your saying i just didnt phrase my post the right way. Thanks for answering btw. r demons, ppl would be more likely to drift away from that sort of thing. i dont know. i agree with what your saying. :slight_smile:


This was never an issue in the past. Halloween was just fun. I never went on an Easter egg hunt but I’m sure no Catholic parents told their kids there was anything wrong with it. We used to come home with a big bag of candy. That was it. It was meant to be fun.



This is a red herring and is an accident only in the Anglo-Saxon English language. Check the name for the Resurrection celebration in any other language.

Rest easy, Be at peace.



Whats even scarier is most parents do not tell their kids the real truth about Halloween or any of these pagan holidays, they just make up stuff and tell the kid to enjoy it!!! LOL

Same can be said about Christmas too, kids today couldnt care less about the real reason for the season, they are more interested in what gifts they will be getting…alot of adults arent much different either!

Its truly a sad, pathetic world we live in! If you look at modern society from a larger perspective, we ARE truly a pagan society!


How about attend Mass before the Easter egg hunt? And teach them about Jesus, throughout the year. So when the Easter egg hunt comes along, they already know that it is just some good clean fun. :shrug:

I mean you can’t get more focused on Jesus than going to Easter Vigil. Spending 3 hours at Mass. THEN coming home, going to bed and waking up with “Happy Easter,” or “He is Risen,” as a greeting.


You references are curious. Halloween is the vigil of November 1 (created by Pope Gregory IV), as an extension of May 1. The Roman Feralia (February 21 - festival to the gods of the underworld) took over Celtic Samhain (November 1 - festival of the dead).

Because the Sunday after 14 Nisan was the historical day of the Resurrection, at Rome it became the Christian feast of Easter. The Jews use a lunar calendar so it has that in common with other cults.


That is an EXCELLENT point.

“Easter” is quite set in the date and it is quite theological.




Actually the name doesn’t derive from Ishtar, it derives from Ēastre a Germanic goddess according to Bede. That said that’s just the name, in much of the rest of Christendom the name derives from the Latin Pascha which refers to Passover which is a Jewish thing.

I personally say Joyous Pascha as a greeting.


If we were to remove all the elements of our cultural and religious practices that have pagan parallels, we would have no wedding rings, bridal veils, candles, incense, even the names of our months and days of the week! And, the Jewish people celebrated plantings and harvests with sacrifices, just like the pagans. The point is, these things should all be ordered to the ONE TRUE G-D!!


Our holy Days are actually in line withe Gospel - Easter is always entwined with the Jewish pass-over feast not some pagan holiday - Christmas is exactly 9 months after the visitation - John the baptist 3 months after the visitation - its all there you just have to see it.We follow the Gospel through out the year in our observance of these days.

What the actual dates were in the past may be the only question.


i made an error is saying the visitation - I meant the annunciation.


Here we go, again:




Interesting. Its a good way to see it. Like converting a pagan temple into a church…


Don’t fall into the error of assuming that because G-d’s people were offering sacrifices at alters, or celebrating harvests and plantings, that they “borrowed” those practices from the pagans. Remember, the first offerings mentioned in the bible were from Cain and Able. Able’s sacrifice was ordered to G-d, whereas Cain’s was not. The two happened simultaneously.

Many of the things we use in worship and celebration have spiritual significance because of WHAT THEY ARE, not because the pagans gave them meaning. For instance, it is perfectly natural to see a lily as a symbol of purity and hope, and put them around our altars. Or to see an egg as a symbol of new life, and thus, very fitting for Easter celebrations.


Perhaps the early church fathers were attempting to divert attention away from pagan festivities by having holy days on the same days as pagan festival days?

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