Hamas and North Korea in secret arms deal

From the Telegraph:
Hamas militants are attempting to negotiate a new arms deal with North Korea for missiles and communications equipment that will allow them to maintain their offensive against Israel, according to Western security sources.

Security officials say the deal between Hamas and North Korea is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and is being handled by a Lebanese-based trading company with close ties to the militant Palestinian organisation based in east Beirut.

Hamas officials are believed to have already made an initial cash down payment to secure the deal, and are now hoping that North Korea will soon begin shipping extra supplies of weapons to Gaza.

“Hamas is looking for ways to replenish its stocks of missiles because of the large numbers it has fired at Israel in recent weeks,” explained a security official. “North Korea is an obvious place to seek supplies because Pyongyang already has close ties with a number of militant Islamist groups in the Middle East.”

That should please a lot of people in the West.

I can see it now-a new “Axis of Evil” speech detailing evil Hamas, evil Russia, and evil NK.

Promptly followed by an immensely bloody and costly eight years of war.

So this begs the question. Why hasn’t the US done anything toward North Korea yet? North Korea has more nukes than Iraq…

Yes, let evil prevail, that would be the better solution.

Who is going to give the speech? Obama (Mr. Make Nicenice)? Bush is not in office.
BTW are you saying that Hamas’s actions have been “good” (like breaking the cease fire by sending rockets into Isreal)? Is NK good by starving it’s own people? :shrug:

At no point did I imply, infer, or otherwise state that Hamas or North Korea were morally sound in their actions as respective governments.

Yes, no doubt. The news article is political hay for bloviators. We can expect much commentary which cites this report.

Whether the report is accurate is questionable. For example the reporter writes the following:

The introduction of the M-75 and Syrian-made M0302 missiles means Hamas boast offensive weapons with a longer range of up to 100 miles and a much greater explosive impact.

However, the M-75 is not an imported missile but is a Gazan made rocket based upon the Iranian Fajr-5. It has a range of 50 miles, not 100.

North Korea is likely to sell to anyone willing to buy their antiquated weapons. Whether they could actually deliver anything to Gaza, much less anything sophisticated, seems doubtful. The 2009 shipment which was intercepted in Bangkok was also destined for Hezbollah. Arrival and distribution in Lebanon would be far more likely than arrival in Gaza.

I don’t doubt that North Korea would like to have a hand in Gaza, however I strongly suspect it is minimal and perhaps indirect. Iran, and its surrogates, are a much more likely partner for Hamas and the other extremists in Gaza.


I discount the alleged North Korea - Hamas connection. But why do you think Russia is involved with either North Korea or Hamas?

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