Hamburger with unconcecrated Host!


I can’t imagine why anyone would think this is ok…


It’s unconcecrated. One could argue that being ok with this would demonstrate deep belief in transubstantiation.


In Polish culture, unconsecrated hosts are sometime consumed during holiday meals.

This I think goes too far.


Round here, they are a decreasingly popular gas-station snack. The unconsecrated hosts (without iconography) come in small blue boxes of about 100-150…

Before the moment of transubstantiation, they are crackers. Do we get mad when people drink wine with dinner?

I have a hard time seeing the difference.


Right. Our church rectory sells it, opłatek, around Christmas. Those I’ve seen are about the size of a postcard, and stamped with religious scenes like the Nativity. Break a piece off and distribute, almost like communion.


I heard this on Fox News tonight. Apparently it’s some kind of one month promotion. The restaurant owner was interviewed and he more or less dismissed any and all criticism–said it was called a “ghost burger” and no insult was meant–it was just a name. They also interviewed a Catholic man and he too seemed non-plussed–remarked that it was certainly not a consecrated host after all, and that he liked this joint’s food and would possibly buy one the next time he was hungry. Hmmm…

I think it is completely disgusting and an obvious slap at the Catholic faith. If I lived in that town, I would never set foot inside their doors again even if they were the only burger place within a hundred mile radius or if their burgers were as good as the old Fudruckers ones. What is wrong with Catholics anyway? What should happen is that any Catholic who usually eats there should express their outrage–and Catholics SHOULD be outraged at something like this— by totally black-balling this place. But I don’t think this is going to happen. And as long as most Catholics are willing to smile and go along with this ****—why should we be surprised that some jerk does such a thing? We are at fault even more than the restaurant owner because we just stand by and let it happen with no recrimination!:shrug:


I think it’s in extremely poor taste. That being said, it’s unconsecrated and not against the law. If he wants to do that, I just pray the Lord brings the man closer to Him and convict him that he is doing something wrong. Otherwise, there’s not much we can do.


I don’t care who does it or for whatever imagined cultural reasons, it represents a mockery against Jesus. I’m surprised any Catholic thinks it excusable.



When it comes to situations like these, I always remember what…now, I don’t remember who said it…it was a prominent nun…‘God has more important things to worry about.’


To me, it is a mockery of communion! A huge slap in the face regardless of what the owner says to downplay it. Yes I realize it isn’t concecrated, but it’s what it represents …otherwise, why would he do it? Why not put ghost peppers on it instead? There’s a reason this was done. What does a heavy metal band called ghost have to do with a communion wafer and red wine anyway? I’m not seeing the connection but perhaps those who condone it may offer some insight.

Btw, people drink wine at dinner …do they sit around drinking altar wine? If so, I would say that’s right up there with this. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t the purpose of a “communion wafer” for …communion???

Could you imagine the outrage if someone were to do something like this to Muslims or Jews? And I’m certainly not suggesting anyone disrespect anyone’s faith, but it would not be tolerated. But as someone mentioned …it happens b/c we allow it to happen.


I’m with you Convert2013. The restaurant owners knew exactly what they were imitating and taking a swipe at–and that’s exactly why they did it. They showed this hamburger on TV–host, wine and all–and the hosts they use actually have the imprint of the cross in them–hardly a cracker. It’s that typical “shock and awe” marketing approach that is so prevalent today and I am indeed shocked but also HORRIFIED! God may and probably does have bigger fish to fry and things to be offended by as one poster stated—but it doesn’t mean that Catholics shouldn’t be completely insulted by this!:eek:


It’s the reason behind what they are doing that troubles me. God Bless, Memaw


I see no great problem here. I visited a Cistercian Monastery a couple years ago, for a few days. The monastery bakes the hosts themselves, the monks there also eat the remaining unconsecrated hosts as chips. They even gave me a boxful of unconsecrated hosts when I left the monastery.

After all it is just a wafer, but I would not agree with stamping a cross (like the burger picture) on it if it is being used as “Chips” or for “food purposes”.


Scrupulosity is something that all should avoid. Having a concern about this is certainly approaching scrupulosity if not actually being scrupulous. If this bothers you, you need to talk with your confessor or spiritual adviser. Scrupulosity is largely what drove Luther from the Church. It is a pernicious condition.


It’s true that prior to consecration, it is just a piece of bread. So, in that sense, it’s not much different from putting a saltine on top of the burger.

What I find disturbing, though, is the fact that the wafer has the cross on it and the restaurant appears to be doing it as “a fitting tribute to the supreme blasphemous activities carried out by the band itself” (as the burger is named after a Swedish metal band). Their stated intent is blasphemy.

Grant it, I’m sure their actual intent is creating hype to sell burgers. But I don’t think I’ll be patronizing the place.


For anyone interested, the band that the burger is named after all dress in hooded robes like monks and the lead vocalist dresses up as a bishop while wearing skull makeup on his face. He calls himself “Papa Emeritus”. Their lyrics are legitimately satanic.

This is the band the hamburger is modelled after. Sure, there are worse things to worry about, but I think “poor taste” is a bit of an understatement. My inclination is to ignore these types of baiting theatrics. But it is certainly meant to be disrepectful to Catholics.


I say let them make their burgers as they wish. They shall have their just reward in the end.

We consume the consecrated communion to receive Jesus. They are making a mockery of the communion and consume an unconsecrated wafer, which to me is an act that makes the statement of willfully rejecting Christ.

If this were a Catholic, trying to make a Catholic themed burger, then I would just see it as something in poor taste. But this guy is clearly coming from a different angle, since he is making reference to this anti-Catholic band.


How about cooking steak with the shape and image of Koran? Do you think the restaurant will not be burned down immediately by the Muslims? I cannot believe some Catholics think this is no big deal.:mad:


Emphasis - mine. :thumbsup:

Absolutely agree!


The thing with insults is that they carry precisely the same weight the receiver gives them - no more and no less repugnant than you let them be.

The more problematic situation is the tacit acceptance of the entirely over-the-top and downright evil way that some Muslims (and various other religious extremists) carry forth using violence and destruction to make themselves feel better about the insult.

What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, yes, but when the sauce is laced with cyanide nobody should be eating it.

Food for thought.

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