Hamburger with unconcecrated Host!


Completely disagree with this.


If you are in favor of scrupulosity, you really need to talk with your confessor.:smiley:


That is my thought…

Under our Faith, it is just plain old bread. The focus of the Eucharist is on the Substance and not the Accidents. And here the substance (bread) is not worthy of our concern.


I recently read about a restaurant in Chicago, I believe, that uses the unconsecrated host as an ingredient in one of their burgers. Now I live nowhere near Chicago, so I would never have the chance to go to this restaurant, but I feel deeply offended, despite the wafer being unconsecrated, that it’s used in such a manner. I know it isn’t the Body of Christ until consecration, but it was set aside for that specific purpose, am I right? The picture of the burger I saw, had the wafer with the marking on it identifying it as being set aside for consecration. My question is, “Is it really the communion wafer, or do they just want us to believe it is?” After all, the article I read claims that people should have a sense of humor about it. I just can’t look at the picture without being deeply offended by it. Since reading about it, I have had a hard time trying to put it out of my mind.


Someone did something in poor taste. Wow. That’s so unusual in today’s world.

Yeah…God’s gonna get em. :rolleyes:


Actually, God can worry about all things at once. The question is would it bother Him?

It is clear it is done with great indifference to Catholics, even unconsecrated. I doubt they would do a promotion that showed the same amount of disrepect in promotions towards Muslims, women, homosexuals or any other group. I suspect the owner would like say they didn;t believe intransubstantiation anyway, despite unsing the unconsecrated wafer, but respect is not about giving couretsy with only things we understand or get. I don’t believe much of what Islam teaches, but I wouldn’t be so intentionally provocative towards them. it isn’t as though the owner recoiled when confronted and apologized saying he didn;t intend to offend, and removed it from the menu. He appears indifferent after complaints.

I find it to be more of a question of how much will Christians continue to tolerate as an affront to their faith. By itself, it may be an unconsecrated wafer and a minor deal, but it is indicative of a larger indifference towards Christians and their beliefs.


Hell is very real, and people who lampoon the Eucharist to promote an anti-Christian/Satanic band are well on their way.

God won’t “get them”, but He will certainly allow them to go on their merry way to damnation, if they do not repent.

I think it’s quite telling that secularists in the West go nuts about that female band getting 2 years in prison for desecrating an altar in Russia, but people get more prison time than that in the US for merely painting a swastica on a wall. Of course, if you desecrate a statue of Christ or Our Lady at a Catholic Church, they don’t seem to even investigate, much less call it a “hate crime”.

God Bless.


I’m not sure it’s scrupulosity. Did you hear the entire interview? It’s some kind of a hard-metal, goth restaurant (whatever that really is) and they knew what they were trying to imitate–made no bones about it. If that’s acceptable, then I think next month’s “special” should be a picture of a dog’s butt with a picture of mohammed imprinted on it–served with a footbath full of salsa along side!


I agree. It’s called the oplatek (plural: oplatki) and I doubt if you’ll find this kind of burger in Poland. There should be better respect for the unconsecrated host as it also has a purpose even at Mass, especially at the Offertory. I think that saying it has no theological value misses the point.


Like I said before. It’s the reason behind what they are doing that troubles me. And I don’t think that’s being scrupulous!!! Better than being indifferent to insults against our Catholic Faith. God Bless, Memaw


The Chicago Tribune has a few articles regarding the mocking of the sacred Sacrament of Holy Communion.

Does Chicago ‘value’ anti-Catholic gimmicks?

And good for Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities won’t accept donation from Kuma’s


There is a severe error inherent in this type of statement. This is imagining God as a larger version of ourselves, and this is inherently dangerous. God is not a bigger version of us. He is capable of “worrying” or thinking about absolutely everything, all at the same time. In fact, He must. If He were for one second to stop willing the existence of anything, it would simply “pop” out of existence. God simultaneously “thinks” about and wills the existence of every single one of the 7,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 atoms that make up your body. He does the same for every person on earth. He does for every single atom of the Earth. He does the same for the entire universe. He “comprehends” every single one of those atoms continuously at the same time.

Hopefully this will give some perspective on how dangerous the “God has more important things to worry about” types of statements are.


It’s a mockery, another cheap shot at Jesus & His Church… but off-course it’s sleight of hand…& after looking at the picture on here, it’s downright blasphemy !


I don’t think it’s really a problem. These guys don’t seem to be attempting to mock the Eucharist, and probably don’t have a Catholic understanding of what communion is anyway. They probably saw the communion wafer as a food item with a cross on it, making it convenient for the theme of the burger. Fortunately, since it isn’t consecrated, they are correct. It **is **just bread. Since it is just bread…and since there is no malicious intent, I think this is just a faux pas. A big faux pas, granted, but nothing more.


Oh I think they knew exactly what they were doing. God Bless, Memaw


So this behavior is deemed acceptable, yet wearing a Halloween costume with darkened skin is racist and will get you fired.


Remember that one of the mandates of the bread used for Communion is that it resembles actual bread. Might that have been a point he was trying to make, that communion hosts don’t represent bread? I don’t know, I haven’t spoken with the man. But I’m not dismissing his comments when they don’t agree with my preconceived notions like some in this thread appear to be doing.

Usually not - far too many churches use a wine (in my experience of lots of travel) that’s not even suitable for cooking, let along sipping over conversation. As an aside, why do so many churches use such a cheap wine knowing it’s going to become the Blood of Christ?

Jesus became a man, something common, to prove a point and to save us. We use common items - bread and wine - at Jesus’ command and in the long tradition of the Jewish Passover because they are in fact common. We use unleavened bread for Communion out of Jewish practice, and the wine Jesus offered as his Blood was most likely the 4th cup of the Passover supper (according to people more knowledgeable than I).

If nothing else, does not this “common” use of communion wafers bring our faith into the world?


This article is a month old now, but if you look at the heavy metal band that the restaurant was “honoring” with this burger (i.e. who they named the burger after), it’s hard to construe this as something other than a deliberate attempt at sacrilege. The band dresses in quasi-clerical garb and their lyrics are satanic.*

  • If you look at some of my previous posts on heavy metal, you will see that I myself listen to heavy metal and I am a big proponent of not tossing around the adjective “satanic” to describe any and everything I do not like. I prefer to reserve the term to use it in cases where it truly applies. Like this one.


Steak? I would have thought pork chops :smiley:

Mmmmm. Pork products…


This was created for the purpose of generating publicity. By directing our attention towards events that are worthier of our time (and possibly money), we effectively ‘vote’ against this nonsense.
It’s the same with television. Try to be surveyed by media companies about your viewing habits. In a capitalist society, buying and selecting are equivalent to voting. We can use this method to do good.

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