Han Chinese groups demand blood in revenge for deadly riots

Holy cow, I knew there were racial tensions in China, but not this bad. :frowning:

Thousands of Chinese, many wielding sticks, clubs and knives, marched today through Uighur neighborhoods of the northwestern city of Urumqi chanting "blood for blood’’ and singing the Chinese national anthem.

Chinese police and paramilitaries deployed by the thousands struggled to contain escalating tensions in the worst outbreak of ethnic violence the country has seen in years. The marchers, who appeared to be ethnic Han, the majority in China, were demanding revenge for rioting by the Turkic-speaking Uighurs on Sunday in which 156 died.

The escalating violence belies China’s claim of having quickly subdued the violence, which began Sunday afternoon after what was supposed to be a peaceful march by Uighurs about discrimination in the workplace. The Uighurs are an ethnic Turkic people, predominantly Muslims, who claim what the Chinese call Xinjiang as their traditional homeland and often bristle at Chinese rule.

Chinese authorities accuse Uighur rioters of going on a savage rampage Sunday in Urumqi in which civilians were pulled out of cars and shops, beaten and stabbed for no other reason that being Han, the ethnic majority in China.


Hu leaves G8 as new protests erupt in China

Banks of anti-riot police tried to drive a wedge into a crowd of about 1,000 Han Chinese protesters on Wednesday in Urumqi after 156 people were killed at the weekend in the region’s worst ethnic violence for decades.

Urumqi, capital of the far-flung northwestern region of Xinjiang, imposed an overnight curfew after thousands of Han stormed through its streets demanding redress and sometimes extracting bloody vengeance on Uighurs for Sunday’s violence.

There were scuffles in the volatile crowd on Wednesday as police and security forces seized apparent ringleaders, prompting cries of “release them, release them”.

President Hu Jintao abandoned plans to attend a G8 summit in Italy, returning home to monitor developments in energy-rich Xinjiang, where 1,080 people have been wounded and 1,434 arrested since Sunday.

More reasons to pray for peace. The world is going mad.

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