Hand Censers

Allow this heretic to pose a theoretical question; if a mission congregation which just celebrated it’s first Mass last night in rented space could not afford a proper thurible, would something like this be acceptable to tide them over?


If Jesus could born in a barn and lay in the manger, then why not?

A hand Censer can be used at any time in place of the thurible

Thank you both!

Question to the OP: Do not “High Church” Lutherans use incense liturgically? :confused:

Yes, we use incense. However, this is a mission congregation which cannot afford a $300.00 thurible at the moment and as such will be using a $20.00 hand censer.

One might consider something like this. In lieu of that, if someone is handy with a soldering gun, it’s not at all difficult to attach a hardware-store chain (or 3 such chains) to the base of a hand-censer. Either way, the chains will make a big difference, which the celebrant would, no doubt, appreciate.

Or try one of these. A priest I know buys some of his vestments through this site:


There are a few with chains that are less than $50.

Thank you! Is he pleased with their services?

Yes, and I just bought a surplice from them, and I am too!

Seriously, I was able to check out the vestments from them that my priest friend bought, and it’s nearly identical to something you would buy for $400-500 in America. I would highly recommend them!

Spend the $30 for the small swung thurible. The extra $10 won’t hurt much, and the chins permit the proper and traditional swinging. And the semi-musical rattling of the chain.

Well, I found this… now we can have smells and bells all in one package.


I was quite impressed with the prices on albs and surplices… I’m lookng at an alb and am considering pulling the trigger.

Monastery Icons is not a group worth supporting. They have questionable provenance, and have claimed various contradictory things, and are known to be heretics.


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