Hand of God


you can watch this disturbing documentary free today via the link below



What conclusion do you draw from the documentary?



I am physically ill after watching the documentary. If you would like at a better time, I will PM you my conclusion. I gotta go throwup again. :mad:



I just finished watching it online. I conclude that there is evil in the world and the Catholic Church is not exempt.

I don’t blame Paul and Joe for not going back to the Church. And I believe that those priests will pay a great price for what they have done to these people.

BTW, yes I am a Catholic and I will continue to be (convert, not cradle).


What’s most remarkable is that this film manages to be probing but not maudlin, largely courtesy of the victim’s refusal to be consumed by the effort of coping. Ultimately, the film is not about being a victim of sex abuse but about the blindness dogma inculcates in its adherents.


As an equalizer, I give you the following website:



I noticed that many of the victims were not in the U.S., interesting link but it pales in comparison to the horrible child molestation and coverup that the Roman Catholic Church is responsible for here in the U.S.



a FEW of the victims were not in the U.S. You should spend as much time viewing it as you did the video by PBS.

Does it pale? Those records at Reformation.com are just the ones that have been reported.

You have to ask yourself this one question? How come when a Priest of the RCC is accused, it makes National news, but when a Protestant is accused it hardly ever makes National News?

And the records of Priest abuse show that most of those occurred during the 60s and 70s and 80s.

While Priest abuse is going down since 1990, the Protestant abuse is on the rise.

Just recently in my tri-county area 4 Protestant Pastors have been accused, charged, tried, and convicted.

So I want to know why you posted this in the first place. What are your motives. Obviously by your profile you are not Catholic.

Answer Why!


By doing a search on Posts you have started, you have an obsession with Sexual abuse:


Hand of God

Hand of God

Battling my demons. I am sorry…

Child molesting Priests often get special treatment…

What are your issues. Come out with it.



I must speak that while the film maker exposes very important issues that must be addressed and discussed publicly, this film paints the Church with too wide a brush. As others in the forum have said, the last half hour uses confusing imagery of Pope Benedict and descends into anti-Catholic and anti-religious rhetoric that everyone person in the church must have known this was going on and condoned it. This film stopped being a worthy documentary and confuses the very important message that individuals were unimaginably hurt and deserve answers from all those responsible so they can heal.

Cam Macdonell
Edmonton, Alberta

After viewing the online conversation with authors, it seems they have become liberal athiests. Satan at work trying to bring down Christ’s church.


Washington: Although I am about as far from a papal defender as possible (I’m an atheist), it strikes me that the Catholic Church has taken a bigger hit on the issue of abuse within its ranks than other major religions – some of which actually seem to sanction abuse through various cultural practices (Islam comes to mind with its practice of child brides or the well-documented homosexual abuse of boys by teachers in madrassas). Why is this? Can we expect an equally exhaustive expose about child abuse in other (non-Christian) religions?



Corpus Christi, Texas: I am sorry for your brother’s abuse and all the pain he and your family have suffered. This has not been my experience with the Catholic church – it is a bunch of human beings trying and many times failing to do God’s will. I love my Catholic faith – it is a tremendous comfort to me and in spite of all the perverts and other sinners there, I do believe it is Jesus’ one true church and survives because of the Holy Spirit’s guidance. Sorry you are so bitter and have to blaspheme in your film, I was very offended by that. I am not an ignorant, superstitious, guilt-ridden person as you label people in my church. I am praying for your healing and peace.



Florida: I truly am sorry for you and for those who are abused in all walks of life … I pray for an end to those who commit such crimes. But for every story about a priest who has abused a child, there are literally a million stories about a priest, a nun or the Church itself regarding good, charity, giving, sacrifice for all who suffer around the world … as Jesus said, “my Church will be filled with sinners.”



Cape Charles, Va.: Joe, great film! Paul, great courage! Paul, the similarities in our lives are extraordinary as I too was a victim, not at the hands of my priest, but my uncle. How do you deal with the concept of faith now? Do you attend church? Do you still believe in God and the eternal life in the Kingdom of Heaven?

Paul Cultrera:** No, I do not attend church, except for weddings and funerals.** As for “God and the eternal life in the Kingdom of Heaven”, when it comes to god I honestly prefer not to limit myself to one. I see many gods in the world, and I don’t mean the my-god’s-better-than-your-god kind of god that separates Christians from Muslims from Hindus from Jews and that mentality which has caused so much bloodshed through the centuries. I mean the gods that I see in the air, the water, the wind, the soil, the plants that grow etc. I get my faith from people and from knowing that despite all the traumas and tragedies that we all experience there is the possibility that we heal a little and move on and help each other.





Bethesda, Md.: Why do you think there’s so much focus on this subject with respect to the Catholic Church, but almost none with regard to the vastly greater problem of such abuse in U.S. public schools (estimated to be double or more the rate per adult and a much larger child population)?



Another Satan lead anti-catholic website. They just about attack everyone that does not agree with them.

Interesting that they use Jack Chick cartoons.


What is your personal issue with the Catholic Church.

Speak up!


Another site run by Protestants.


I don’t care what you may think of me, all that I ask is that you do not try to demonize the victims of abuse. Thats what we are talking about. Innocent children being sodomized at the hands of a Roman Catholic Priests.


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