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Hi, I want to be a priest however I am handicapped but I know god is calling me to preach the gospel and serve mass. Has anyone on this forum ever known or heard of a handicapped priest? Or would I potentially make history as the first? Please let me know

It probably has a lot to do with what kind of a handicap you suffer from and how severe it is. In general, priests must be mentally and physically healthy enough to carry out their ministry.

I’ve been to one parish where the priest was handicapped. He limped and could not stand for very long. I remember he gave a good homily and worked in a hospital but I don’t remember his name.

Check with your vocation director.

And, you;ll be in my prayers.

Good for you, I would speak to you parish about this, im sure they could point you in the right direction,

and your also in my prayers!:thumbsup:

We had an elderly priest a few years ago, who developed gangrene is one of his legs and had to have most of his leg amputated. He took some time off, but is now back as a one legged priest. He is at another parish now, so I have not seen him in 2 years, but out current priest is a friend of his and he lets us know how our one legged friend is doing from time to time. :smiley:

Depends on what the handicap is. I’ve seen priest on crutches.

I firmly believe if God wants you to become a priest, it will happen. There will be challenges related to your disability that you will have to overcome but I’ve heard of blind priests and others with other disabilities. If your local seminary doesn’t accept you, pray about it an try another seminary as well. You never know how God will use you. I suggest that you find a good spiritual director and start praying. I know my diocese’s priest who is in charge of vocations therefore if you want to ask someone inside the loop some questions, please let me know and I’ll send you the person’s email address.

Good luck,

There is a Jesuit priest, Fr. Joseph Bruce, S.J., who is deaf and has ministered to the deaf community for a couple of decades. He’s a wonderful man. Perhaps you could contact him to discuss your possible vocation? He might have some practical advice for you.

Rev. Joseph Bruce, SJ
Director of the Apostolate for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing, Diocese of Providence, RI
Phone: 401/278-4630 (voice & T.D.D.)
Fax: 401/831-1947
E-mail: jbruce@dioceseofprovidence.org

Here’s a link to an article about Fr. Joseph and his ministry. You can find more online.


@Wannabe22, thank God you posted this. I’m also handicapped with Cerebral Palsy, and I want to be a priest as well.

It is possible to be a priest with certain handicaps. However you must be capable of carrying out the consistent ministry required of a priest. Daily mass, hearing confessions, visiting the sick & elderly etc. Also study and travel if required.

I am hoping to enter the Dominican Novitiate in September and I have Epilepsy. This could be an obstacle to Ordination - However my seizures currently are well controlled and would not interfere with ministry.

It really depends on what you have and how bad it is. I know that if you lack mobility or are wheelchair bound it is difficult.

I’ll keep this in the prayers,

God Bless

Thank you! I am wheelchair bound, and I understand that there will be some difficulties. I’ll pray for you also. God bless!

Hi all, I just found out that my disability in itself would not be a barrier to being ordained. Tino I have some good news for you I just received an email from a friend of mine who is a priest in St.Johns, NF and he said that they had ordination this past Thursday evening and a priest from the seminary was in a wheel chair, though he could walk a short distance with canes. So, you being wheel chaired should not pose an issue. I will pray for you though

I will keep you in my prayers…

God Bless


Thank you!

Prayers for everyone discerning :blessyou::blessyou::blessyou::blessyou::blessyou:

Oh, Lord I place myself in your hands and dedicate myself to you. Oh great St. Benedict, help me to live and die as a faithful follower of God, be ever submissive to your Holy Will, and obtain eternal happiness in Heaven. Amen.

St. Benedict pray for us
Our Lady Queen of Victory pray for us

We have had a priest in our archdiocese who became quadriplegic as a result of an accident before he entered seminary. He has been ordained now for around 10 years, I think.

Thank you all, seeing everyone’s replies gives me & the others hope. I am sure of this. God bless you all!

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