Handicapped woman was booed at a healthcare rally in New Jersey


^^ This is just…disrespectful. The poor woman (God bless her) was only trying to speak out on her struggle with the the current U.S. health system but instead she gets heckled by right-wingers. Can these people (or should I say “animals”) get anymore savage in this healthcare debate? I can’t believe how uncivilized this debate has become.

God help us all. :gopray2:

At least no one bit her finger off.

Equality dictates that if we are allowed to boo fully-abled people, then we are allowed to boo disabled people. If the disabled want to be a special class, then they should stop advocating for all these laws that require us to treat them equally to everyone else.

If you speak out politically, you will be booed by someone. Get over it.

And yeah, at least the right wing animals don’t feed on their opponents.

Or beat her.

Or ate her.

Or told her “this ain’t America no more”.

IF it goes to show you anything it shows you how insecure people can be when they take a position on a polemical issue such as this.

Typical Olberman…

As a disabled person, she is equal to everyone else in the room, is she not? Or should she be treated as a lesser person to be pitied? Non-disabled people get heckled regularly. :shrug:

BTW…the heckling I heard was primarily “ask the question!” This is normal heckling for anyone who is making a statement rather than asking a question, which is supposedly the reason the mic was given over to her. I do have sympathy for her, but her individual plight is not a reason to bankrupt a nation by creating a bloated bureaucracy.

Sort like "Mr. Obama give me a place to live. "

That was the most disgusting thing iv ever seen. Conservatives in america have stooped to a new low. Im sure Jesus would be proud of them.

Wow. That is horrible. May God have mercy on us all! :crossrc:

Really? The MOST disgusting thing? Ever???

I don’t support the way people treated this person, HOWEVER, may I point you to some news stories about liberals biting off fingers, or just plain beating people they don’t agree with on healthcare. I’m not justifying any behavior, but your comment seems to ignore other things that have taken place.

Obviously those people were incredibly disrespectful and should have allowed the woman to speak.

However I find it equally disturbing that everyone is going to latch on to this story and use it to “show” how evil conservatives are and how anyone against health care is rude and trying to keep handicapped people down.

Let us not forget how terrible liberals have been lately. But of course Olberman will never admit to that.

Yeah right. The liberals and the left are infinitely more vile than anything from conservatives. That is why liberalism is a plague and must be eradicated.

My first presumption, in seeing a clip like this, is that there has been selective editing. I make that presumption because selective editing happens often. From the clip we can’t tell what was going on just before the woman in the wheelchair is shown speaking. Did the clip show her every word, or did she already have the microphone for some time and refuse to pose a question? (This might have been the case, since a man at the back of the room yells out something like “Ask a question!”)

Another reason I’d hesitate to make a blanket condemnation of the audience is what occurs with the commentators (neither of whom I know, since I don’t watch television). The newscaster opens the segment with no pretense of objectivity, and he and his later guest can’t do any better than to say that the people in the audience, stupidly, are siding with rapacious insurance companies.

The viewer is left to conclude that those hundreds of people are, all of them, dolts who don’t realize that they are protecting their own persecutors. But the newscaster and the other man don’t make the slightest attempt to offer the more likely explanation: that, however dissatisfied the members of the audience may be at times with their health insurance, they think that, on the whole, their health care is good and that the President’s plan will make them much worse off. This is the logical and fair explanation for their heatedness about the issue. Why can’t the talking heads acknowledge that?

I’ll answer my own question: It’s because they are unremittingly biased. The conservatives they decry may be taking a NIMBY position, but they themselves are oblivious to the ideological stand that have assumed as liberal ideologues.

Now back to the woman. Was she rudely treated by members of the audience? Likely so. By the whole audience? Surely not. Did some members of the audience have a legitimate gripe about her (“Ask a question!”)? Maybe so. The fact is that, given that some of the tape was left on the cutting room floor (to use the old phrasing), we’re not going to know, not having been in that room.

I’m sure he’s not. Would you actually think that Christ would approve of this atrocity?

or told her that they were going to take her organs.

That is the face the leaders of this microscopic movement have chosen for it. They don’t want intelligent or civilized discussion; they want to intimidate eligible voters and our leaders.


As Obama and the Democrats continue to drop in the polls, their lack of intelligence and leadership shows that the movement is hardly “microscopic.”

At least the woman in the wheelchair wasn’t a plant with ties from the Obama campaign this time. :thumbsup:

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